Krasilov KehilaLinks Page Updates

2022, Oct 28
Added Demb Family Story and Pictures
2022, Apr 29
Added link to pictures and plan to maintain the Manivtsy mass grave sites
2021, Apr 23
Updated/added Ghetto Memorial Plaque pictures story
2021, Feb 18
Updated Manivtsy Mass Grave page with 2021 visit.
2021, Feb 13
Added Proskurov Ghetto Memorial Plaque Dedication Jan 27, 2021
2021, Feb 11
Added Goltsfarb Family Story and Pictures
2020, July 27
Added Mil'man Family Portable Matzevah
2020, June 13
Added About the Matzevаh of the murdered Rabbi, updated 1919 Memorials and Proskurov Cemetery
2020, May 11
Added Milgrom family to Krasilov Famlies page (Link)
2020, May 6
Updated Translation of names on 1917 School Letter (Link)
2020, May 6
Updated Krasilov birth records added 1908 to 1911 (Link). Updated Krasilov Emigrants (Link)
2020, Mar 19
Updated Krasilov birth records added 1905, 1906, 1907 (Link)
2019, Dec 30
Added/updated Krasilov birth records for 1866,1867,1869,1871,1873,1898-1904,1914-1916 (Link)
2019, Oct 28
Added Proskurov Pogrom 1919 Archive Publication
2019, Oct 15
Added Shtetl 7 100th Anniversary of Proskurov Pogrom. Updated a 1919 list by adding translated names.
2019, Apr 15
Added WWI Jewish Servicemen Volhynia 674 names
2019, Apr 8
Added two articles about 1919 Proskurov Pogrom heros. Dr Polozov, and Trofim Verkhola
2019, Feb 25
Added Proskurov Pogrom, List of Wounded and Treated, List of Victims, Pictures of 2019 Memorial Activites. Update Felshtin Pogrom page.
2019, Feb 3
Added Pogrom Proskurov, Felshtin 1919-1920 victims tables and testimonies
2019, Jan 23
Added Census Supplements from 1862-1863. Krasilov, Kuzmin, Starokonstantinov
2018, Dec 23
Added Some records of WWI Jewish Soldiers from Krasilov, Kuzmin, Starokonstantinov
2018, Oct 15
Added "Saga of Krasilov Monuments" to Manivtsy Mass Grave Memorial Ceremony page
2018, Sept 1
Updated Krasilov DNA table
2018, Aug 24
Added paragraph to Sheldon Gerber family story.
2018, Aug 11
Added comments, pictures, and links to Manivtsy memorial page
2018, June 25
Added 2018 Manivtsy Mass Grave Memorial Ceremony page
2018, Apr 29
Added Proskurov Yizkor Book. Updated Khmelnitskiy (Proskurov) cemetery list page. Corrected "Proskurov - The Scroll of the  Slaughter 1918-1920" from IGRA database by actually adding the page!
2018, Apr 11
Added Krasilov DNA page. Added Khmelnitskiy (Proskurov) cemetery list (2011)
2017, Dec 18
Added Proskurov Uezd 1912 Duma Voters List - First assembly only.
2017, Oct 29
Added 228 names to Proskurov Emigrants list - from "other ports", Boston, Balt, Phil, New Orleans, etc.
2017, Oct 1
Updated/added names to Proskurov Poor Jews Donations 1912-1914
2017, Aug 14
Added Yahad In Unum Holocaust witness interviews Manivtsy, and two articles about Arkady Vyner
2017, June 27
Added Thesis "History of Jews in Proskurov, Ukraine". Added link to USHMM Encyclopedia on line PDF for download
2017, May 2
Updated Proskurov emigrants list. Minor additions to Krasilov and Starok emigrants lists
2017, Apr 13
Added List of names found in old Proskurover Zion Congregation  papers - link
2017, Mar 1
Added Scroll of Slaughter 1918-1920 Proskurov. Added Holocaust Forced Labor Camps articles - Proskurow and Lesnewo
2017, Jan 26
Added Proskurov Emigrants list - 1800 people
2017, Jan 22
Corrected errors on Mayzlish family story page.
2017, Jan 5
Added Tenzer and Maidenek to Krasilov Families about 1900
2016, Dec 30
Added to Mayzlish family pictures, and added Mayzlish family story
2016, Dec 19
Added Schusterman to Krasilov Families about 1900
2016, Dec 17
Added more Khmelnitsky cemetery pictures, added Mayzlish family pictures
2016, Dec 6
Updated Krasilov Families about 1900 and Proskurov 1919 article added introduction
2016, Nov 16
Added two lists from Proskurov, 1912-1914 poor Jews, 1941-1943 Jews who 'lost' their ID papers
2016, Oct 30
Added updated pictures for all three Manivtsy Holocaust mass grave memorials.
2016, Sept 18
Added - Pictures of Khmelnitsky (Proskurov) Holocaust Memorial and two stories, in Russian, related to Orthodox priest Klimentiy Kachurovskiy.
2016, Sept 5
Added "Chesed-Besht" publications "Shtetl" and Etya's eye witness testimony to Proskurov pages
2016, July 9
Added Holocaust "Book of Sorrow" pages for Proskuov
2016, June 23
Added Address and Account books to Chevra Tiferes Israel Anshei Krasilov page
2016, May 20
Added Holocaust in Proskurov from Diana Voskoboynik thesis
2016, May 14
Added Proskurov Ghetto article, Rapoport story, Landsmanshaftn excerpts. Index page link addition for Manivtsy grave sites refurbishment.
2016, Mar 21
Added Proskurov page - pictures, 1919 Pogrom links and Kvar family.
2016, Mar 5
Added Proskurover Zion Congregation Tablet and Cemetery locations
2016, Feb 9
Updated Krasilov Emigrants list, updated Sheldon Gerber Family story
2016, Jan 22
Added better Mt Hebron Cemetery pictures to Chevra Tiferes Israel Anshei Krasilov page.
2016, Jan 17
Added copies of original Krasilov 1850 and 1858 census supplement pages, and copies of original Kuzmin 1850 and 1858 supplement pages
2016, Jan 15
Added all the copies of original 1850 main census pages Krasilov and Kuzmin
2016, Jan 12
Added big spreadsheet to Chevra Tiferes Israel Anshei Krasilov page.
2016, Jan 9
Added two more Family Stories Pregerson and Gerber
2016, Jan 2
Added more Holocaust eyewitness statements to Krasilov and Starokonstantinov pages
2015, Nov 3
Added two more Holocaust eyewitness statements related to Krasilov
2015, Oct 20
Added two more Holocaust eyewitness statements for Starokonstantinov.
2015, Sep 2
Added Tanzer family pictures from Bradford Ulery
2015, Aug31
Added Dolgow family story from Dawn Adrienne.
2015, Aug 27
Added Chevra Tiferes Israel Anshei Krasilov page. Updated Krasilov Family Stories & Pictures page.
2015, July 29
Added Kuzmin Supplements for 1850 and 1858 Census's. Minor updates to Krasilov 1850 Census pages.
2015, June 29
Added Kuzmin 1850 Census
2015, May 15
Added to 1854 births Krasilov and nearby towns (see Apr 2, revised title and added  towns)
2015, Apr 2
Added list of military service related names from 1875 Newspaper
2015, Mar 26
Added audio recording of Fay Furman Speiser memories
2015, Mar 19
Added - more Krasilov 1850 Census supplements; Krasilov 1858 Census supplements; 1917 School request letter; Krasilov and Kuzmin 1854 births; Valley of Destroyed Communities memorial; "Book of Sorrow" pages for Starokonstantinov; Holocaust eye witness statement from Khmelnitsky Archive
2015, Feb 8
Added Krasilov 1850 Census (Revision List) and Supplements; Updated Holocaust Documents pages - added Arkady Vajner statement, added Starok. eye witness statements, added "Book of Sorrow" list for Krasilov.
2015, Jan 19
Added Benzion Formacher to Family Stories page.
2014, Dec 12
Added to Krasilov Emigrants list. Added Arkady Vajner letter to Holocaust data
2014, Nov 4
Added Three Starokonstantinov eye witness statements. Added to Comments and Thank You page
2014, Oct 24
Added Two Russian translation Krasilov eye witness statements. Added Sam Barenfeld story and picture (bottom of page see Linda Luks). Added Comments and Thank Yous page
2014, Oct 18
Added Holocaust Documents page, and the Holocaust document pages (Krasilov and Starokonstantinov)
2014, Oct 15
Updated Krasilov Emigrants list
2014, July 25
Added Krasilov History Article 1945 and 1946 from Yalkut Vohlin
2014, June 24
Added Kremenets data for Krasilov and Starok. and link to Kremenets web site search page.
2014, May 30
Added Manivtsy Memorial questionnaire
2014, April 12
Added Voters lists 1906, 1907 Bazaliya, Kulchiny, Kupel, Ozhigovtsy, Rural Uezd and 1912 Starok Uezd
2014, April 2
Added Volochisk and Teofipol Duma Voters List 1907
2014, Mar 20
Added Volochisk and Teofipol Duma Voters List 1906
2014, Feb 27
Added Starokonstantinov Duma Voters Lists 1906 and 1907
2014, Jan 10
Added appeal to preserve Manivtsy memorial.
2014, Jan 8
Added another story on Family Stories page
2013, Dec 24
Added Krasilov and Kuzmin Duma Voter Lists 1906 and 1907
2013, Dec 22
Added about 40 more names to the Krasilov Emigrants list.
2013, Dec 5
Added to one new story to Family Stories page; added Nesin and Wortis pictures; added about 40 names to the Krasilov Emigrants list; added people id's to Manivtsy picture; added a few names to Krasilov Families about 1900.
2013, Nov 19
Added Family Stories and Pictures gotten from FaceBook Jewish Krasilov site
2013, Nov 3
Added about 50 names to Krasilov Emigrants list
2013, Oct 29
Added Baron Hirsch map, Faden Map of 1799 , and Manivtsy mass grave monument visits, Natan Gimelfarb web site links.
2013, Sept 30
Added FB Family Stories and pictures [unlinked].
2013, Sept 20
Added two family stories - from Ira Pilchen and Evan Fishman. Krasilov Family Stories
2013, Sept 15
Added Basia's Story Part 2.
2013, July 30
Added Starokonstantinov birth records includes some from Krasilov. Added translation to English of first four paragraphs of "Krasilov, a Shtetl in Podolia" (revised title). Added seven people (Kotlar) to Krasilov Emigrants list.
2013, June 21
Added 1896 Krasilov deaths. Added Starokonstantinov Emigrants list. Added link to
2013, March 20
Added names to Krasilov Emigrants list.
2013, January 8
Removed Israel Zak passing on index page. Fixed Krasilov a Place in Podolsk broken link with a copy of article
2012, May 28
Revised Ilene Kessler story on family stories page. Merged Krasilov Emigrants list.
2012, Mar 9
Removed some minor links that did not work because of Ukraine SIG update
2011, Dec 8
Removed Links page. Only had one link and that is now gone from the web!
2011, Sept 12
Added note for passing of Israel Zak
2011, June 2
Added Bradford Ulery story. Added names to the Krasilov Emigrants list.
2011, Feb 7
Added Bromnick pictures
2010, Oct 31
Added a new Links Page. Data from Nikolayev and Zaslav shtetls close to Krasilov.
2010, Oct 26
Added a few more names to Emigrants list. Added two people (Silverstein) to Families about 1900. Added one new familiy story to Krasilov Families, names include Rita, Rutte, Cooper, Krochak. Revised story from Miriam Bromnick.
2010, May 27
Added some new links. Added names to Emigrants list. Added names (Cholst, Sheinman) to Famlies about 1900 list
2010, April 13
Added Steigman family picture.
2009, Oct 17
Added to Emigrants list, about 20 new names, EIDB7b. Moisey Preygerzon page added. Added to family stories page and added links to pictures. Added link to "Krasilov a Place in Podolsk"
2009, Sept 6
a. Some tech updates, centering tables for IE, fixed LinkScan errors; b.Added Meema Basia story; c. added Some Family Pictures; d. Added three family stories; e. Updated Krasilov Emigrants list, added about 75 names from KRANL..., KROSI..., KROAS..., CASIL..., KRAZI..., KRAZE..., KASYL..., KRESS... searches; new list EIDB7
2009, Aug
Restored EIDB page as Emigrants List. Copyright problem solved, permission granted to use a limited set of EIDB data.
2009, Mar 13
Removed EIDB page. Copyright problems.
2009, Mar 12
Added more family pictures and stories and names to "EIDB" list. Added to the Krasilov families about 1900 list.
2009, Feb 6
Made some minor corrections.
2009, Jan 31
Added the following - Family pictures; Family stories; more Krasilov historical data; EIDB "Krasilov" arrivals list 1897-1924; Krasilov turn of 20th century residence list.
2008, Nov 7
Added 1941 Krasilov map preliminary translation; added Krasilov History page; on Krasilov family page added links to some web pages. Made some other minor changes and corrections
2008, July 8
Corrected minor errors, bad link for a picture and page number error in Revision List table
2008, June 23
Removed this statement from Revision List page, "The basic 1850 Revision List has not been found". This was not correct, it does exist.
2008, June 3
 New ShtetLinks Page ready for upload to ShtetLinks web site

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