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DNA connections - Krasilov, Ukraine

Note: I think we should list all surnames, Jewish or not, back to ggrandparents. Might help in some cases.
Note: We should ask "everybody" who tested DNA to add to this list even if they have not yet uploaded to GEDmatch.
 (If we know who has DNA tested we can encourage them to upload - with our help?)
DNA kit managed by Name of person tested Testing company GEDmatch Number Related to Surnames of DNA-related ancestors
  parents, grandparents, ggrandparents, etc  
Barry Chernick Barry Chernick FTDNA T013424 Pauline 21seg-496cM, Arnon 2seg-23.3cM, Yael 1seg-8.5cM Chernick, Schulman, Hofstein, Karp, Chizinsky
  Barry Chernick 23andMe M170215 Pauline 22seg-3585cM Chernick, Schulman, Hofstein, Karp, Chizinsky
  Pauline Chernick FTDNA T877723 Barry (23andMe) 22seg-3585cM, Barry (FTDNA) 21seg-496cM, Doreen 3seg-28cM, Dawn 2seg-16.7cM, Mary Jo 1seg-9.1cM, Charles 1seg-8.2cM, Esther 1seg-8cM Chernick, Weinsoff, Chizinsky
Mary Jo C. Martin Mary Jo C. Martin 23andMe M016718 Charles 24seg - 3713cM, Mira 7seg-85cM, Yael 2seg-19.7cM, Robin 2seg-18.5cM, Dawn 2seg-17.4cM, Doreen 1seg-10.5cM, Pauline 1seg-9.1cM Cosover/Kossower, Asnes, Beitchman
  Charles Mitchell Cosover (father) 23andMe M905108 Mary Jo 24seg-3713cM, Mira 10seg-116cM, Yael 6seg-57.7cM, Arnon 2seg-20.6cM, Robin 2seg-17.6cM, Esther 2 seg-17cM, Dawn 1seg-10.4cM, Pauline 1seg-8.2cM, Doreen 1seg-8.2cM  Cosover/Kossower, Asnes, Beitchman
  Mary Jo C. Martin Ancestry      
  Charles Mitchell Cosover (father) Ancestry      
Dawn Adrienne-Saliba  Dawn Adrienne-Saliba  FTDNA A109112 Arnon 2seg-20.1cM, Mary Jo 2seg-17.4cM, Pauline 2seg-16.7cM, Charles 1seg-10.4cM, Robin 1seg-7.2cM Dolgow/Dolgov, Fishstein, Tepper?, Gruber?
Arnon Hershkovitz Arnon Hershkovitz FTDNA T759878 Yael 27seg-3582.8cM, Barry 2seg-23.3cM, Charles 2seg-20.6cM, Dawn 2seg-20.1cM  
  Yael Hershkovitz (mother) FTDNA T862188 Arnon 27seg-3582.8cM, Charles 6seg-57.7cM, Mary Jo 2seg-19.7cM, Barry 1seg-8.5cM  
Mira Barenfeld Mira Barenfeld 23andMe   Charles 10seg - 116cM, Mary Jo 7seg-85cM Barenfeld, Feldman, Kosover
Doreen Greenberg Doreen Greenberg 23andMe M654401 Pauline 3seg-28cM, Mary Jo 1seg-10.5cM, Charles 1seg-8.2cM  
Robin Siegel Robin Siegel 23andMe M975884 Mary Jo 2seg-18.5cM, Charles 2seg-17.6cM, Dawn 1seg-7.2cM  
  Robin Siegel's mother Ancestry      
  Robin Siegel's paternal aunt Ancestry      
  Robin Siegel's cousin        
Marlene Silverberg Marlene Silverberg FTDNA T319713 Esther 31seg-3583.4cM, Sam 22seg-3587cM  
  Esther Silverberg  FTDNA T714247 Marlene 31seg-3583.4cM, Charles 2 seg-17cM, Barry 1seg-8cM  
  Sam Silverberg FTDNA T700769 Marlene 22seg-3587cM  
Norm Winski Norm Winski Ancestry      
Most (all) of the people on this list can be contacted through the Jewish Krasilov Facebook site or through GEDMatch or the testing companies. 

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