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1947 - First Visit to Mass Grave at Manivtsy
Manivtsy 1947

Picture supplied by Mira Barenfeld Feldman. Names supplied by Mira, Lena Mayzlish Shkiler and Eugenia Sheinman

people ID

1. unknown;
2. supposedly Moishe Kats;
3. Iosif Sheinman;
4. unknown;
5. Gersh Kogan;
6. Malusia Kogan
- Gersh Kogan's wife;
7.Rivka Averbukh Mayzlish, Joel Mayzlish's wife
8. Michail Barenfeld;
9. Rukhel Maizlish Kogan, Shaia Kogan's wife;
10. Shaia Kogan, Gersh Kogan's older brother;
11, 12, 13 unknown;
14.Joel Mayzlish, Rukhel Maizlish's younger brother.

If you can help identify people in this picture please let me know.
You can look at how the mass grave site looks in 2013 (Link)

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