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Comments and thank yous from our users

    I wanted to thank you for all your efforts to help families learn their ancestry, find their relative and even team up to restore the Holocaust monument in Krasilov.

    Our personal story of finding relatives in the US after not knowing anything about them for 90 years is a plot for a novel. We want to wish you many years of health and enthusiasm. You bring people joy and hope.

    Many thanks to Eugenia Sheinman. She's the most important link between the Russian-speaking and English-speaking members of the community and is a compassionate person.

Mira Barenfeld

     I want to thank you both for your work in compiling the history of Krasilov and more. I thought it was time to gather as much information about my ancestors for my family and our descendants. I knew nothing about my Grandfather Srul Barenfeld or his family.  Gathering documents from the Record of Deeds, Ellis Island and his Naturalization Declaration of Intent, I found out in just two days the name of his parents and name of his hometown Krasilov, Russia.

     I Googled Krasilov and up came your website. I emailed Barry asking him if there was more information regarding the Barenfeld family. He was kind enough to send my information to Eugeina and within days Mira Barenfeld Feldman contacted me!

     Since then emails and photographs have been exchanged like wildfire. My Aunt Rosalie, Srul's daughter is overjoyed her father's family has been found. And now, in a little over two weeks, we will be meeting. My sister and I from St. Louis will be meeting Mira who will be arriving from Israel as we join her family in New Jersey. 

    Our family's 92 year journey will be a remarkable meeting full of laughter and tears. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart. 

Linda Safron Luks

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