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There is an existing KehilaLinks page for Proskurov/Khmelnitsky
KehilaLinks web site for Proskurov/Khmelnytskyy
as far as I can tell it has not been maintained for a number of years.
If anyone is interested in maintaining this site let the Ukraine SIG know.

History of Proskurov

“The History of Jews in Proskurov, Ukraine” by Diana Voskoboynik. Thesis for the History Department, Union College, Schenectady, N.Y. Published in 2002.

Jews Among Ukrainians ...1478-1919, and Pogrom of 1919
Holocaust in Proskurov
Surviving the Holocaust


A brief Proskurov history from Yad Vashem
Proskurov History

Proskurov/Khmelnitsky Jewish Cemetery

Khmelnitskiy/Proskurov Cemetery - Chesed-Besht list of burials (published 2011)
Cemetery Pictures

About the Matzevаh of the murdered Rabbi

Proskurov Emigrants, Pogrom 1919-1920 etc.

Proskurov Emigrants - Most from Ellis Island Database (EIDB).


Proskurov 1912 Duma Voters List - First Assembly voters only.
Duma Voters

List of Proskurov poor Jews who received aid 1912 - 1914

Proskurov/Khmelnitskiy 1919 Pogrom Memorials

Trip to Khmelnitskiy/Proskurov area towns, "Shtetl" 2004
Shtetl 4

Proskurov - The Scroll of the Slaughter 1918-1920

Shtetl 7 100th Anniversary of 1919 Proskurov Pogrom
Shtetl 7

 Proskurov Pogrom 1919 100th Anniversary Archive Publication
Archive Publication

 Proskurov Pogrom 1919-1920  (GARF P6764-1-820),Table of robbed, injured and murdered Jews

 Proskurov Pogrom Testimony 1919-1920 (GARF 9431-1-60), Official reports of witnesses (in Russian)

 Proskurov Pogrom List of Victims - February 15-17 1919

 Proskurov Pogrom List of Wounded and Treated - February 1919

 Proskurov Pogrom 100 Anniversary Memorial Activities Pictures

 Felshtin Pogrom 1919-1920 , Tables of robbed, injured and murdered Jews. Pictures 100 Anniversary.

 Trofim Fedorovich Verkhola (1883-1922), a Ukrainian, who was a defender of the Jews during the 1919 Proskurov Pogrom.

The righteous of Proskurov who saved Jews and others during the 1919 Pogrom. Articles from 2016 and 2019 - Dr. Polozov and the priest Kachurovskij. 

Two articles by Larissa Kilimnik havng to do with the 1919 Pogrom heroic priest Klimentiy Kachurovskiy. Articles in Russian, two summaries in English. Larissa Kilimnik article

Proskurov Pogrom of 1919 - Links

Holocaust in Proskurov

Proskurov Yizkor Book - in Hebrew, English, Russian


Proskurov Ghetto Memorial Plaque Dedication January 27, 2021

Mil'man Family Portable Matzevah

All volumes of "The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos 1933-1945" are now available on line to download in PDF format from the USHMM. Volume 2, Part B covers Camps and Ghettos in Eastern Europe - Proskurov is on Page 1449.
Link to

Proskurov Ghetto - This article about the Proskurov Ghetto is from "The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos 1933-1945". Ghetto

Proskurov Forced Labor Camps - Proskurow and Lesnewo - from "The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos 1933-1945"


Holocaust in Proskurov  - This is a section of a thesis, “The History of Jews in Proskurov, Ukraine” by Diana Voskoboynik, History Department, Union College, Schenectady, N.Y. Published in 2002.
This section of the thesis was also the basis for the Proskurov Ghetto article in the USHMM Ghetto and Camps Encyclopedia.

Holocaust thesis

Testimony of Etya Tsalevich - A compelling Holocaust eye witness testimony from the web site - Proskurov connections.

List of Jews who "lost" their identification papers 1941-1943

Proskurov Ghetto underground, "Shtetl" 2000 - a few paragraphs (translated) about a Jewish underground in the Proskurov ghetto.
Shtetl 1

"Book of Sorrow" -"Книга скорботи України", Хмельницькая область. List of  Holocaust victims City of Khmelnitskiy (Proskurov). About 1300 names, 50% Jewish.

Book of Sorrow

Pictures of the Proskurov Holocaust Memorial, Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine. Memorial is located near the Leznevo killing site.


People from Proskurov

David Rapoport - The article describes the life of a native of Proskurov, (Khmelnitsky) David Rapoport, one of the founders of the organization Rue Amelot in occupied France during the Second World War, which was engaged in saving Jews during the Holocaust.


Kvar Family from Proskurov

NYC Proskurover Zion Congregation

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