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Yuter family

alternate spellings: Juter, Yutar, Etter

► See also The Summer of 1941 VIDEO by Miriam Shumacher Krakinowski, daughter of Perl Yuter

The earliest known Yuter family member is Moshe Yuter (born ~1775), who lived in Rogeve (Raguva). The descendants of Moshe Yuter settled in several communities, establishing branches of the Yuter family in Rogeve (Raguva), Trashkun (Troškūnai), Tavyan (Taujėnai), Subotsh (Subačius), Meysegole (Maišiagala), Pumpyan (Pumpėnai), Kovno (Kaunas), and Vilna (Vilnius). This page includes only the Trashkun branch of the Yuter family.

Yudel Shlioma Yuter (born ~1824) was one of Moshe Yuter's four known sons. Yudel Shlioma was married three times. His first known son from his first wife Fruma (born in 1831) was Eliash Zalman, the only brother known to settle in Trashkun.

Eliash Zalman Yuter was born in Rogeve (Raguva) in 1852. He married Sora Levinson (born ~1849) and they raised their family in Trashkun. According to their granddaughter Miriam Shumacher Krakinowsky, they had 11 children, although only seven are known. Eliash Zalman died on 12 January 1923, and Sora died on 15 June 1924, both in Trashkun.

The seven known children of Eliash Zalman Yuter and Sora Levinson:

I.  David Moshe Yutar was born ~1876 in Trashkun. On 22 August 1900 in Ponevezh (Panevėžys) he married Rose (Vichna Reyza) Frumer (born ~1878 in Ponevezh). David died on 29 July 1948, and Rose died on 22 November 1955, both in Cape Town, South Africa.

II.  Fanny (Esther Fruma) Yuter was born in 1882 in Trashkun. In 1901 or 1902, she married Israel (Izzy) Katz (born 15 January 1878 in Kaunas Gubernia, Lithuania). Fanny died on 15 June 1940, and Israel died on 21 March 1958, both in Port Chester, New York.

Shapsa Yuter

Shapsa Yuter

III.  Samuel (Shapsa Leyzer) Yuter was born 25 August 1883 in Trashkun. He married Lena Segal (born 15 April 1897 in Trashkun). Samuel died in January 1963, and Lena died in July 1974, both in Pretoria, South Africa.
PHOTO Shapsa and Lena Yuter with their Reyzman (Roseman) and Segal relatives (~1910)

IV.  Benzion Yuter

V.  Sheyna (Sheynka) Yuter emigrated to Palestine in the 1930s.

VI.  Ida (Chaya Rivka) Yuter was born in Trashkun in 1893. Around 1924 she married Sam Cabacoff (born 10 May 1893 in Bobrosk, Minsk, Russia). Sam died on 1 January 1968 in New Haven, Connecticut. Ida died in June 1976 in Port Chester, New York.

VII.  Perl (Perke) Yuter was born ~1896 in Trashkun, the youngest of 11 children, according to her daughter Miriam. On 14 March 1922 Perl married Chaim Shumacher (born in 1898 in Aniksht [Anykščiai]). Both Perl and Chaim were killed in Trashkun by Lithuanian Nazi sympathizers in July 1941, and were buried in the mass grave at the Old Jewish Cemetery.

Miriam Shumacher

Miriam Shumacher

Additional Resource:  The Yuter Family: Our common ancestor by Elinor V. Yuter and Beryl Juter Baleson (1998) includes a family tree and a short chapter called “The Troshkun Yuters” on pages 17-18. (See digital copy.)

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