Families of Troškūnai (Trashkun)


Skudovich family

alternate spellings: Skudowitz, Skudewitz, Scudewitz
(changed to Supovitz, Scudder, Scuddy, Scott in the US)

Leyb Skudovich, the earliest known family member, was born before 1765, possibly in Skudutiškis in Ukmerge district, Kovno gubernia, Lithuania. Skudutiškis is located 20 miles southeast of Trashkun (Troskunai). Leyb died before 1812.

Berko Skudovich, the only known son of Leyb Skudovich, was born in Rogeve (Raguva) in 1783 and died sometime before 1848. The six known children of Berko Skudovich:

I.  Leybe Yudel Skudovich was born in Rogeve (Raguva) in 1812. His wife was Tauba, who was born in 1812 and died after 1857. Leybe Yudel died sometime after 1874.

II.  Sora Rochka Skudovich was born in Lithuania in 1812. She married Leyb (Yudel Leyb) Waldman (born in Rogeve in 1808). Sora Rochka died before 1882, and Leyb died in 1900, both in Trashkun.

III.  Benjamin (Binel) Skudovich was born in Rogeve (Raguva) in 1820. He married Hena (born 1826), and he died sometime after 1896.

Berel Skudovich

Berel Skudovich

Leya Skudovich

Leya Skudovich

IV.  Hirsh Skudovich was born in Rogeve (Raguva) in 1823. Sometime before 1848 he married Sarah Riva (Shula), who was born 1823 in Rogeve and died before 1880. Sometime before 1860 Hirsh married his second wife, Liba Leah Ferdall or Rosen, who was born in Lithuania before 1842. Hirsh died in Lithuania before 1888.

V.  Abram Abel (Aba) Skudovich, also known as Abram Yudel Skudovich, was born in Raguva/Rogeve in 1826. His first marriage, before 1858, was to Vikhna, who was born in Raguva/Rogeve in 1825. His second marriage, after 1858, was to Reyza (Hannah Rachel), who was born 1827. Abram Abel died in Troskunai/Trashkun in 1892.

Sheyna Rivka Skudovich

Sheyna Rivka

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Miriam Supovitz

Miriam Supovitz

VI.  Itsyk Skudovich was born ~1828 in Rogeve/Raguva and died sometime after 1912. His wife's name is unknown.

VII.  Fayvish Shraga Skudovich was born in Rogeve/Raguva in 1830. The name of his first wife is unknown. His second wife was Chaya Liba (born 1840). Fayvish is mentioned in an account of the 1915 pogrom in Trashkun. He died sometime after 1915.

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