Families of Troškūnai (Trashkun)


Troskunai residents who applied for immigration to Palestine (1920–1940)

NOTES:  Not all people who applied for immigration certificates actually went to Palestine. Some people on this list are known to have remained in Trashkun, and some people who went to Palestine do not appear on the list.

Immigration certificates to Palestine were in short supply. Because family members could share a single certificate, people sometimes entered into fictitious marriages—on paper only—to make maximum use of the limited number of certificates.

✓ = succeeded in reaching Palestine before World War II
✕ = did not go to Palestine before World War I
[blank] = outcome unknown
surname given name relationship sex age marriage date occupation comments in record
BeynerMichaelM2920 Jun 1933shoemakerfather's name: Israel.
BeynerMichaelM30single24 May 1935shoemaker
GlezerBoruchhead of householdM24marriedOct 1932
GlezerChayawife  [NOTE]Chaya's surname name was Katkish. This was a fictitious marriage solely for the purpose of sharing an immigration certificate. Boruch later married Rachel Gafni, his actual wife.FmarriedOct 1932farmer
GlezerDov Berel M28single25 Dec 1933tinsmith
GlezerIdelM30single10 Apr 1935butcher
GontovnikRuvenhead of householdM34married31 Mar 1934builder
GontovnikBeylawifeF32married31 Mar 1934seamstress
GontovnikNathansonM931 Mar 1934
GontovnikChayadaughterF531 Mar 1934
GontovnikYerachmielsonM231 Mar 1934
GordonMoshehead of householdM25married19 Apr 1934shoemaker
GordonZeldawifeF24married19 Apr 1834housewife
GordonRivadaughterF119 Apr 1934
GordonYerachmielhead of householdM29married31 Mar 1934builder
GordonYehuditwifeF26married31 Mar 1934housewife
GordonShlomosonM631 Mar 1934
GordonJosephsonM431 Mar 1934
GordonShulamithdaughterF231 Mar 1934
ItzikovichMosheM24single10 Apr 1935shoemaker
KarpBeylaF21single6 May 1936seamstress
KerelTzvi (Hirsh)M18singleMay 1933tailor
KovnovichAbrahamM25single31 Jan 1930farmerHad travel tickets for the ship Carnaro and made aliyah on 11 Mar 1930.
KovnovichShmuelM26single10 Apr 1935barber
KrasovskyChayaMade Aliyah with Yakov (Yankel) Mirvis from Grinkiskis [Grinkishok], on the ship Pilzen via Triest on 26 August 1934. [NOTE]Chaya and Yankel made a fictitious marriage solely for the purpose of sharing an immigration certificate. In 1942, Chaya married her actual husband, Shalom Meiri.
KushnerChasyaF174 May 1933knitterfather's name: Shlomo. Applied for emigration permission a second time on 24 Dec 1933.
Leyb/Layb [NOTE]NOTE: from Shavli [Siauliai], not Trashkun.Berelhead of householdM25single19 Mar 1935mechanicMember of "Gush HaAvoda" movement, Trashkun branch. Reading knowledge of Hebrew.
LeybsonMosheM43single13 July 1934teacherfather's name: Itzhak. Obtained immigration certificate to make aliyah from Keren Hayesod and Keren Kayemet.
LipshteinTzirelF62widow16 Mar 1932housewifefather's name: Mendel. Made aliyah on 8 May 1932.
LiakovskyLeybhead of householdM42married31 Mar 1935bricklayerMember of "HaMizrachi" movement, Trashkun branch. Knowledge of Hebrew: can read and write.
MeyerovichZelikhead of householdMmarried1 Sep 1933Made aliyah with his wife on 28 Nov 1934. [NOTE]Meyerovich's wife is listed as Rachel Meyerovich, maiden name Kaplan, from Viduklė. Their marriage certificate and identity papers are dated the week of their departure in 1934, suggesting a possible fictitious marriage solely for purposes of sharing an immigration certificate.
MironKopelhead of householdM1893married10 Apr 1935hatmakerMember of "HaOved" movement in Trashkun since 10 April 1935.
MironLibawifeF34marrieddressmakerwife of Kopel Miron from Trashkun
MironYaakovsonM11childson of Miron and Liba Miron from Trashkun
MironNatan DovsonM8childson of Miron and Liba Miron from Trashkun
MironItzhak GutmansonM2childson of Miron and Liba Miron from Trashkun
Muler/MillerYonahead of householdM190531 Mar 1935barberMember of "HaMizrachi" movement in Keidan [Kedainiai]
Muler/MillerGitawifeF2531 Mar 1935dressmakerwife of Yona Muler
NurkinChaimhead of householdM20married12 Nov 1929farmerfather's name: Yakov. Had travel tickets for the ship Adria and made aliyah with his wife on 16 June 1930.
NurkinChanawifeF21married12 Nov 1929farmer
NurkinMordukhM19single20 Sep 1932farmerMade aliyah on 11 Dec 1932. His brother (name not recorded) was already living in Givat Brenner.
NurkinYankel (Yaakov)head of householdM187429 Mar 1935Visa Type D. Request by HaKibbutz HaMeuhad, Givat Brener.
PevznerLeyb (Arye)headM1893married10 Apr 1935butcherMember of "HaOved" movement in Troskunai since 10 Apr 1935. Wife Chana age 40, son Moshe Shraga age 12, son Yakov age 8.
RutenbergRochelF25single8 Nov 1933father's name: Israel. Made aliyah on 28 January 1934.
SheynaheadF1909single seamstressNo 715. Member of HeHalutz HaTzair, branch Ponivezh?. Education: elementary school. 8 years in this profession. Hebrew knowledge–yes. Signed by her in Hebrew: Sheine SOLOMIN.
VoskoboinikZisman (Ziske)M21single1932"H type" Immigration Visa no. 13228 was issued on 30 Mar 1932.
YuzentAbramhead of householdM28married27 Dec 1933builderObtained immigration certificate from Keren Hayesod and Keren Kayemet. Made aliyah with wife on 11 March 1934. Father's name: Dov.
YuzentHadassahwifeF24married27 Dec 1933father's name: Benyamin Kamber.
ZalkAryeh (Leyb)M29 Jun 1934Sponsor: brother.
ZalkFayvel [NOTE]Same person as Shraga Zalk (below)M2429 Jun 1934locksmithLived in Panevezys region. Destination Ness-ziona.
ZalkShraga [NOTE]Same person as Fayvel Zalk (above)M25single7 Jul 1934blacksmithfather's name: Eliyahu. Obtained immigration certificate to make aliyah from Keren Hayesod and Keren Kayemet. His brother Aryeh Zalk was already living in Ness Ziona.

These records are from the Lithuanian State Central Archives and provided courtesy of the LitvakSIG All Lithuania Database.
The comments have been edited for brevity, and the rightmost column has been added to indicate known outcomes.

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