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Kozhenetz family

alternate spellings: Kozenetz, Kozinetz, Kazinetz, Kasenetz, Kasnetz, Kasin.
Changed to Cousin or Cousins in the United States.

Hirsh Kozhenetz is the earliest known family member, born in Lithuania before 1772. His son Itsyk Kozhenetz was born in Vilkomir (Ukmerge) in 1792. Itzik married Freda, who was born ~1797 in Vilkomir and died on 30 October 1879 in Bauska, Courland, Latvia, just north of the Lithuanian border. The four known children of Itsyk and Freda Kozhenetz:

Bunka and Frida Kozhenetz

Peska & Frida Kozhenetz

I.  Aryeh Leyb Kozhenetz (later Louis Isadore Maltz) was born in Vilkomir (Ukmerge) in ~1824. In ~1858 he married Sora Rivka, who was born ~1837 in Vilkomir (Ukmerge). Sora Rivka died on 28 July 1875 in Bauska, Courland, Latvia. On 31 March 1876 in Zeyml (Žeimelis), Lithuania, Aryeh Leyb married his second wife, Dvora Hinda Rubinstein, who was born in 1854 in Bauska, Latvia. Aryeh Leyb (Louis Isadore Maltz) died on 5 December 1915 in Massachusetts, USA.

II.  Hirsh (Tzvi) Kozhenetz was born in 1825 in Vilkomir (Ukmerge), Lithuania. He married Feyga Shmit (born in Lithuania in 1926).

Yosef & Golda Kozhenetz

Yosef & Golda Kozhenetz

Yosef Kozhenetz

Yosef Kozhenetz

William Cousin

William Cousin
(Wulf Kozhenetz)

William and Sadie Cousin

William & Sadie Cousin
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unidentified Kozhenetz relatives

Kozhenetz/Cousin relatives,
unidentified (enlarge)

Itzie Cousin

Itzyk Kozhenetz
"Itzie" Cousin

Fannie, Itzie, Lilly

Itzie Cousin with sister Fannie
and wife Lilly (Greenspoon)

Fannie Cousin

Feyga Kozhenetz
Fannie Cousin

children of Osvey Kozhenetz and his second wife Hinda

Children and grandchildren of Ovsey Kozhenetz, 1936-38.   Left to right: Chaya Kozhenetz, Yehoshua (Shike) Lichtenstein, Mina Kozhenetz, Pesa Kozhenetz, Leyzer Lichtenstein. (enlarge)

Chaya Kozhenetz

Chaya Kozhenetz

III.  Fayvush Hertz (Russell) Kozhenetz was born in 1829 in Vilkomir (Ukmerge), Lithuania. He married Beila Goldberg (born in 1827 in Lithuania).

Frieda Kasnetz

Frieda Kasnetz
Smith (~1942)

Shike Kozhenetz (Sam Kasnetz)

Shike Kozhenetz
(Sam Kasnetz)

Khonke, Bunke, Shike Kozhenetz

Khonke, Bunka, Shike Kozhenetz

Bunka, Peska, Fridka Kozhenetz

Bunka, Peska, Fridka Kozhenetz

Frida & Bunka Kozhenetz with relative

Frida and Bunka with relative (1939)

Khone Kozhenetz (Conrad Kasnetz)

Khone Kozhenetz
(Conrad Kasnetz)

Frida Kozhenetz Glezer

Frida Kozhenetz
Glezer (~1929)

Peska Kozhenetz

Peska Kozhenetz

Bunka and Peska, 1936

Peska and Frida

Buna Kozhenetz

Bunka Kozhenetz

IV.  Yankel Kozhenetz was born in 1830 in Vilkomir (Ukmerge), Lithuania. He married Nekha (born 1833 in Lithuania).

Kozhenetz Family Tree (Geni)

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