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Reznikovich family

▶  See also Growing Up in Trashkun by Alter Resnick

Moshe Itzhak Reznikovich

Moshe Itzhak Reznikovich
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The earliest known family member is Wulf Reznikovich, born in Rogeve (Raguva) sometime before 1796. The name of Wulf's wife is unknown.

Wulf's son Meyer Reznikovich was born in Rogeve in 1816. He married Malka, who was born in 1819. Meyer died in Trashkun (Troškūnai) in 1895.

The four children of Meyer Reznikovich and Malka were:

I.  Chaim Itzik Reznikovich was born in Rogeve (Raguva) in 1834. He married Etta (Ethel), who was also born in Rogeve. The daughter of Chaim Itzik and Etta:

Ike Lesowitz

Ike Lesowitz

Sadie Waldman and Ike Lesowitz (1910s)

Ike Lesowitz
and Sadie Waldman

Moshe Itzhak Reznikovich

Moshe Itzhak Reznikovich

II.  Moshe Itzhak ("Meshitze") Reznikovich[NOTE]Meshitze is a contraction of Moyshe + Itze. was born in Rogeve (Raguva) in 1836. He married Hinda Zisla (born in 1838). Moshe Itzhak, a kosher butcher, was an esteemed member of the Trashkun (Troškūnai) community who was literate, educated, and responsible for recording all the births, marriages and deaths in the town. Hinda Zisla died in 1909, and Moshe Itzhak died sometime after 1926.
PHOTO Moshe Itzhak Reznikovich

Leyb Reznikovich remembered by his son

Alter Resnick: Growing Up in Trashkun

Voskoboinik family 1930s

Voskoboinik family (1930s)

reunion in Germany 1946

Ziske & Nechama (1946)
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Ziske Arazi

Ziske Arazi

Rachmilke Voskoboynik

Rachmilke Voskoboinik

Nechama Voskoboynik

Nechama Voskoboinik

III.  Etka (Etel) Reznikovich was born in Rogeve (Raguva) on 7 December 1839.

IV.  Benjamin Wulf Reznikovich was born in Rogeve (Raguva) on 21 August 1852. He married Feyga Sharfanovich (born ~1861). Benjamin died before 1921, and Feyga died after 1921.

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