Families of Troškūnai (Trashkun)


Itzikovich family

Lithuanian: Icikovicius

Other spellings: Itzikovitz, Itsykovich, Ichikovitz, Ichikovich, Itzikowitz, Echikovitz,
shortened to Kovitz and Covitz in North America.

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Memories of Dov Ber Ichikovich & Family VIDEO by Selwyn Bolel

Fayvl Itzikovich

Fayvl Itzikovich   (enlarge)

Yochved Itzikovich

Yochved Itzikovich   (enlarge)

The earliest known Itzikovich family member is Binyomin Itzikovich. Census records show that he lived in Trashkun in 1784, along with his wife Rachel (Rochl), and his name is included in an Inventory of Trashkun Property Owners in 1810. We do not know the relationship between Binyomin Itzikovich and Orel Itzikovich.

Orel (Oren, Aharon) Itzikovich was born ~1830, possibly in Rogeve (Raguva), and was married to Feyga, born in 1836. Orel died in or before the year 1886. Feyga died in Trashkun in 1899.

The four known children of Orel and Feyge Itzikovich:

I.  Beyla Tsuvia Itzikovich was born in 1854 in Trashkun and married Moyshe Shneider, born in Aniksht (Anyksciai) in 1851, son of Nosn and Chaya. Moyshe was a brickmaker and owned a wooden house. During World War I, when Jewish families were evacuated to the east, Beyla's family lived in St. Petersburg, Russia. They returned to Trashkun in 1921. Beyla died on 22 December 1925. Moyshe died on 31 December 1938.
DOCUMENT Pages from internal passport of Moyshe Shneider, showing his wife's name (1921)
DOCUMENT Certificate permitting the family to return to Lithuania after their expulsion during World War I (1921)

Fayvl Itzikovich

Fayvl Itzikovich

More about Fayvl in Tales from Trashkun

Yochved & Fayvl Itzikovich with sons, niece in Trashkun (1910)

Seated: Yochved and Fayvl Itzikovich.
Standing: niece and two sons (Trashkun, 1910).

II.  Fayvl Mendl (Fayvish Shraga Menachem) Itzikovich was born in 1856. He lived in Trashkun but was registered in Rogeve. Fayvl was a shoemaker and also served as the town's unofficial doctor (feldsher). He married Yochved Shevtsovich, born 1859 in Trashkun, daughter of Rivke and Gershon Shevtsovich. Fayvl died in Trashkun on 6 June 1922, and Yochved died in Superior, Wisconsin on 8 March 1940.

Sarah Karp

Sarah Itzikovich
Karp, ~1960


Pesl Itzikovich

Pesl (Sheyna Pesha) Itzikovich was born in Trashkun 1882, married, and did not emigrate. It is not known whether she had children. She died in 1940.


Velve Itzikovich

Velve (Wulf) Zalman Itzikovich was born in Trashkun in 1883. In 1901, at age 18, he moved temporarily to Subotsh (Subačius) to apprentice as a shoemaker with members of the extended Itzikovich family. Velve married Raya Leah Rapaport, who was born in Aniksht (Anykščiai), daughter of Movshe Uri Rapaport and Musha Karpuch. Velve/Wulf is mentioned in an account of the 1915 pogrom in Trashkun. He was the only son of Fayvl and Yochved who did not emigrate. Raya died in Trashkun on 21 December 1927. The date and circumstances of Velve's death are unknown.
PHOTO Velve and others bid goodbye to Itzikovich family members emigrating to Canada (1927)

Hirshke or Ruvke

Hirshke or Ruvke



Harry Barr

Harry Barr
(Orel Itzikovich)

Hirshke Itzikovich, born in Trashkun in 1905, became a shoemaker like his father. His job was to prepare the leather. Hirshke was among the first Jews in Trashkun to be murdered by Lithuanians in 1941. He is buried in the mass grave at Trashkun's Old Jewish Cemetery. (Read more about Hirshke.)

Orel (Aharon) Itzikovich, later Harry Barr, was born in Trashkun on 26 May 1886. As a young man, he moved temporarily to Dusetos to apprentice as a shoemaker with members of the extended Itzikovich family. In ~1905, he married Rina (Rose) Bar/Barr, daughter of Moshe Leyb Yehuda Bar. Upon emigrating to the U.S. in 1907, Orel took his wife's maiden name as his surname. He settled in Superior, Wisconsin, where he had a shoe business on Tower Ave. Rina and their first child joined him in 1912, and they had three more children. They eventually retired to Chicago. Harry died in Chicago on 4 February 1963, and Rina died in 1966.
PHOTO Harry Barr with three Itzikovich siblings, Rina, and extended family (~1960)

Sarah Charnis

Sarah (Barr)
Charnis, ~1960

George Barr

George Barr

George Barr

Michael Barr

Joe Echikovitz

Joe Echikovitz

Joe (Yosl, Yosef Leyzer) Itzikovich, later Joe Echikovitz, was born in Trashkun on 15 August 1887. He emigrated in 1906, and in ~1911 he married Sarah Kusnar, who was born in 1888. They lived in Duluth, Minnesota; in Superior, Wisconsin; and later in Chicago, Illinois. Joe was in the grocery business and later in real estate. Sarah died in Chicago on 11 April 1956. Joe died in Green Lake, Wisconsin, on 23 April 1982.
PHOTO Joe, Sarah, and their adult children Mitchell and Lillian at the wedding party of Victoria Kovitz (1951)
PHOTO Joe Echikovich and extended family, including three Itzikovich siblings (~1960)
PHOTO Joe Echikovitz with two of his brothers

Lillian Gould

Lillian (Echikovitz)
Gould, ~1960

Leybe/Louis Koviz

Leybe Itzikovich
Louis Kovitz
"the other Louis"

Louis (Leybe) Kovitz and family

Louis (Leybe) Kovitz' family

More about Leybe in Tales from Trashkun

Leybe (Yehuda Leybe) Itzikovich, later Leon Kovitz and finally Louis Kovitz, was born in Trashkun on 28 April 1890. He trained as a tailor and emigrated to the US in 1910 with his younger brother Hilke. (Read about Leybe in Tales from Trashkun.) In 1913 he married Leah (later Lena) Zetcher, born in Pushelat (Pušalotas) in 1893, the youngest daughter of Miriam Zetcher and Bentzl Chait (who took his wife's surname). Leybe and Leah settled in Superior, Wisconsin. They ran a grocery store which Leybe (now Louis) bought from his brother Joe. Louis died on 30 April 1970, and Leah died on 29 July 1977, both in Morton Grove, Illinois.
PHOTO Leybe/Louis Kovitz
PHOTO Leybe/Louis Kovitz with family
PHOTO Kovitz Grocery
DOCUMENT Leon Kovitz certificate of US citizenship (1939)

Hilke/Louis Kovitz

Hilke Itzikovich
Louie Kovitz

Mary Kovitz

Mary Kovitz

Hilke (Chaim Hillel) Itzikovich, later Louie/Louis Kovitz, was born in Trashkun on 15 September 1891, and emigrated to Superior, Wisconsin, in 1910 with his older brother Leyb. On 16 March 1914 in Chicago, Illinois, he married Mary Kikhel Cohen, who was born in Trashkun on 1 September 1894, daughter of Dvora (Dvera) Boyer and Chaim Boruch Kikhel,[NOTE]Mary's mother remarried after her first husband (Chaim Kikhel) died, hence Mary's extra surname Cohen. and emigrated to the U.S. in 1912. Louie died in Chicago on 11 March 1962, and Mary died in Glenview, Illinois, on 25 August 1984.
PHOTO Louie/Hilke Kovitz (undated)
PHOTO Louie/Hilke Kovitz (undated)
PHOTOS Louie/Hilke and his wife Mary, Mary's mother & brother
PHOTO Louie/Hilke with two brothers, his mother, and other relatives in Duluth, Minnesota (1937)
PHOTO Louie/Hilke at the wedding party of Victoria Kovitz (1951)
PHOTO Louie/Hilke with three Itzikovich siblings, his wife Mary, and extended family (~1960)

Hilke/Roy Kovitz

Reuven Itzikovich
Roy Kovitz

Roy (Reuven Shaul) Itzikovich, later Roy Kovitz, was born in Trashkun between 1892 and 1896, and emigrated to the U.S. in 1913. In 1917, he was a leather worker in Chicago. On 23 May 1926 in Manhattan, New York, Roy married Clara Krell, who was born ~1905 in Romania and emigrated with her family in 1921. Roy and Clara lived in Manhattan and the Bronx, New York. Roy died in Jamaica, Queens, New York, in May 1984. Clara died in Queens, New York, on 19 January 1989.
DOCUMENT Roy Kovitz draft card (1917)
PHOTO Roy Kovitz and Clara Krell wedding (1926)
PHOTO Roy Kovitz and his wife Clara
PHOTO Roy with two brothers, his mother, his older son, and other relatives in Duluth, Minnesota (1937)


Daniel Itzikovich

Daniel Itzikovich, later Daniel Kovitz, was born in Trashkun in 1896. On 21 March 1924 in Trashkun he married Elka (later Elsie) Kovalski Yakobson, who was born in Leliunai in 1901, daughter of Sholem Yakobson and Libe Ita of Leliunai. Daniel emigrated to the U.S. ~1930 and worked as a shoemaker in Chicago. On 8 February 1937, his wife Elka, her mother Liba, and her children Seymour and Beverly arrived in the U.S. to join Daniel. Daniel died in Chicago in September 1974.
PHOTO Daniel Itzikovich (1920)
PHOTO Daniel's wife, Elka Yakobson Itzikovich (1920)
PHOTO Daniel Kovitz with two of his brothers
DOCUMENT Daniel Kovitz naturalization record (1934)

Bentzl Kovitz

Bentzl Itzikovich
Ben Kovitz

Bentzl at departure for Canada

Bentzl with mother,
wife and child (1926)

More about Bentzl in Tales from Trashkun

Bentzl's family

Bentzl's family

Bentzl (Bentzion) Itzikovitz, later Ben Kovitz, was born in Trashkun 1897 and married Libka (Libby) Berk on 22 July 1921. Libke was born in Trashkun in 1900. Bentzl emigrated to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1926, and his wife and first son joined him a year later, along with his mother Yochved. The family later moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Ben died on 8 February 1985, and Libby died on 23 August 1985, both in Toronto.

DOCUMENT Bentzl Itzikovich application for internal passport (1920)
PHOTOS Bentzl with his mother Yochved, his wife Libka, and children
PHOTO Ben with wife Libby, younger son and daughter, and niece (~1939)
PHOTO Ben with two brothers, his mother, and other relatives in Duluth, Minnesota (1937)
PHOTO Ben Kovitz with his son David and his brothers-in-law Frank Berg and Harry Rifkin (1946)
PHOTO Ben and relatives at the wedding party of his daughter Victoria Kovitz (1951)

Binyomin Ichikovich


Barnett Ichikovich

Dov Ber

III.  Binyomin (Bine) Yosef Itzikovich was born in Trashkun ~1864. He married Sheyna Rivka Skudovich, born in Trashkun in 1866, daughter of Abram and Vichna Skudovich. Binyomin was elected unanimously to the City Council in 1911. (Read about Binyomin and Sheyna Rivka in Tales from Trashkun.)
PHOTO Binyomin Itzikovich (1920)
PHOTO Sheyna-Rivka (Skudovich) Itzikovich
DOCUMENT Binyomin Itzikovich internal passport application (1920)
DOCUMENT Sheyna-Rivka (Skudovich) Itzikovich internal passport application (1920)

Chana Golda, Dov Ber, Fannie Ichikovich

Dov Ber's family

Fanny Bolel

Fanny Bolel

Selwyn Bolel's VIDEO Memories of Dov Ber and Chana Golda


Vichna Shmit

Dov Ber (Berel) Itzikovich, later Barnett Ichikovich, was born in Trashkun in 1889. On 26 August 1919 in Ponevezh (Panevėžys) he married Chane-Golda Yuzent of Trashkun, born ~1897, daughter of Zussman Leyb Yuzent and Sheyne Shapiro (both were born in 1868 and died in 1936). Dov Ber was a trader in silver spoons. He emigrated to Winburg, South Africa, in 1925, followed two years later by his wife and daughter. (Read about Dov Ber in Tales from Trashkun.) Chane-Golda died on 31 July 1974, Dov Ber on 30 September 1980, both in South Africa.
PHOTOS Dov Ber (Barnett) Ichikovich and his family
DOCUMENT Berel Itzikovich internal passport application (1920)
DOCUMENT Barnett Ichikovich's South African passport (undated)

Vichna Itzikovich was born in Trashkun ~1904. On 15 August 1924 in Trashkun she married Eliash Shmit, who was born in Trashkun in 1885, son of Mendl and Sora Shmit. Vichna, Eliash, and their children were killed in the Holocaust in 1941.
PHOTO Vichna as a child with her aunt, uncle and cousins (1910)
PHOTO Vichna Itzikovich (1920)

Zussman Covitz

Zussman Kovitz
or Covitz


Brynna (Bessie)
(née Rubin)

IV.  Zussman Itzikovich, later Zussman Kovitz (or Covitz), was born in Trashkun on 4 March 1868. In 1894 he married Brynna/Brayna (Bessie) Rubin, born in Trashkun in 1873. After their two oldest children emigrated to the United States, Zussman emigrated in 1911, followed by Brynna and their remaining five children in 1912. At immigration, Zussman was given the name Jacob Kovitz but never used the name Jacob, and most of his children changed Kovitz to Covitz when they became U.S. citizens. The family settled in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Zussman was a cobbler and bootmaker. Brynna died in 1944, and Zussman died in 1958. (Read about Zussman in Tales from Trashkun.)

PHOTOS Zussman Kovitz with family members
DOCUMENT Passenger list of S.S. Adriatic, showing immigration of Zussman Itzikovich (1911)
DOCUMENT Passenger list of S.S. Laconia, showing immigration of Brynna and five children (1912)
DOCUMENT Zussman Itzikovich application for citizenship (1942)

Arthur Covitz

Arthur Covitz

Arthur Covitz was born as Asher Itzikovich in Trashkun in 1892. In 1903 or 1904, he emigrated with his mother's younger sister Esther Ella (Annie in the US) and her husband Shlioma Portnoy (Samuel Paul in the US), and they settled in Chelsea, Massachusetts. He married Sarah (Sadie) Salter, born in Russia in 1897, and the couple had no children. Arthur died in 1957.
PHOTO Arthur Covitz

Joseph Covitz was born as Dov Itzikovich in Trashkun in 1894. He emigrated to the U.S. in 1910, and married Sarah Zaff, born in Massachusetts in 1903. He died in Chelsea, Massachusetts, in 1974.
PHOTO Joe and Sara (Zaff) Covitz with family members

Eva Covitz

Eva Covitz

Eva Covitz was born as Vichna Itzikovich in Trashkun on 20 November 1899, and emigrated to the U.S. in 1912 with the rest of her family. On 10 January 1921 in Chelsea, Massachusettes, Eva married Myer Rosenthal, who was born in ~1893 in Lithuania, outside of Vilna. Eva died in Boston on 30 January 1985.
PHOTO Eva Covitz engagement photo (~1920)
PHOTO Eva Covitz Rosenthal with her father Zussman Covitz

Rosenthal children

The children of Eva & Myer Rosenthal

Abraham Kovitz, twin brother of Fannie (below), was born as Nosn Itzikovich in Trashkun on 1 June 1900 or 1902, and emigrated with his parents in 1912. He married Marion David, born 25 May 1905. Abraham died on 20 October 1977, and Marion died on 25 June 1999. The two children of Abraham Kovitz and Marion David:

Fannie Covitz Melamed

Fannie Covitz
Melamed (~1930)

Zussman and Ina

Zussman with
granddaughter Ina

Fannie Covitz, twin sister of Abraham, was born as Feyga Itzikovich in Trashkun on 1 June 1900 or 1902, and emigrated with her parents in 1912. On 15 March 1931 in Roxbury, Massachusetts, she married David Melamed, who was born in Budzyn, Poland, in October 1900. David died in Boston in 1996, and Fannie died there in 1999.
PHOTOS Fannie Covitz with friend, Fannie's engagement photo
DOCUMENT Fannie Covitz Melamed's application for citizenship (1939)

Freda Covitz was born as Frida Itzikovich in Trashkun on 17 July 1907, and emigrated with her parents in 1912. She did not marry, and died in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, on 2 September 1993.

Sally (Covitz) Segal

Sally Covitz
Segal (1996)

Sally Covitz was born in Trashkun as Sora Rivka (Sorifka) Itzikovich on 15 November 1910 and emigrated with her parents in 1912. She married Robert Segal, who was born in Massachusetts. Robert died on 3 May 1998, and Sally died on 11 October 1999, both in Brockton, Massachusetts.
PHOTO Sally Covitz Segal with her husband Robert at her grandson's engagement party (1996)

PHOTO  Friends and relatives bid goodbye to Itzikovich family members emigrating to Canada (Trashkun, 1927).

PHOTOS Unidentified Itzikovich family photos

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