Families of Troškūnai (Trashkun)


Glezer families

alternate spelling: Glazer

▶  See also  • My Shtetele Trashkun, a memoir by Berl Glezer
Memories of the Shepshelevich Family by Berl Glezer

NOTE: We show two Glezer families that may or may not be related. One family originates with MORTCHEL GLEZER, the other with ITZIK GLEZER, both born in Trashkun ~1790-1800.   (Skip to the ITZIK GLEZER family.)

Dvora and Hertzl Glezer

Sister and brother Dvora and Herzl Glezer,
with Troskunai's landmark church
bell tower in the background

MORTCHEL GLEZER was born ~1790-1800. He had a son named Boruch Glezer, born in Trashkun in 1817. Boruch married Sheyna, born in 1820.

The four sons of Boruch and Sheyna Glezer:

I.  Orel Glezer was born in Trashkun in 1834. He married Musha Gena, born in 1836. Orel died in 1891 in Vilkomir (Ukmerge).

II.  Mortchel Orel Glezer was born in Trashkun in 1838. He resided in Trashkun but was registered in Raguva. Mortchel Orel married Gita Enta, born in 1842. Gita Enta died in 1897.

Ortzik Glezer

Ortzik (Aharon)

family of Aharon (Ortik) Glezer

Ortzik Glezer with his wife and children

Ortzik (Aharon Wulf, Orel Berko) Glezer was born in Trashkun in 1875. He married Buna-Gitl Berk, born in Trashkun in 1877, daughter of Zalman Berk. Ortzik and Buna-Gitl were murdered in the Holocaust in 1941.
PHOTO Aharon (Ortzik) Glezer, his wife Buna-Gitl, and six of their seven children

Rivka Glezer

Rivka Glezer

Rivka Glezer was born in Trashkun in 1903. She married Ovsey (Yeshiahu, Yeshike, Shaya) Puner, born in Trashkun in 1899, son of Abram Puner and Tzira Michla Grinshteyn. Rivka, Ovsei and their children were murdered in the Holocaust in 1941. (See recollections of Rivka Glezer and her husband Osvei [Yeshike] Puner in Itzhak Konkurovich's letter about Avram Puner.)
PHOTO Rivka Glezer Puner

Gershon Glezer

Gershon Glezer

Gershon (Gershke) Glezer was born in Trashkun in 1904. In 1934 in Kupeshok (Kupiškis) he married Rivka Pesa Bas, born in Trashkun in 1905, daughter of Paltiel and Basha Bas. Gershon and Rivka lived in Birzh (Biržai), where they were murdered in the Holocaust, presumably in 1941, along with their children.
PHOTO Gershon Glezer with his bride Rivka

Boruch Glezer

Boruch Glezer

Boruch Glezer was born in Trashkun in 1908. In 1932, he and Chaya Katkish entered into a fictitious marriage solely for the purpose of sharing one of the limited number of certificates for emigration to Palestinee. He later married his actual wife, Rachel Gafni, who was born in Petah Tikva in 1917. They both died in Israel, Boruch in 1985, Rachel in 2004.
PHOTOS Boruch at school, wedding photo, with sister Dvora, with wife Rachel
PHOTO Boruch with Trashkun pioneers (1930)
PHOTO Boruch with his sister Dvora, her husband, and two first cousins
DOCUMENT Passenger list for ship to Palestine (1932)


Boruch Glezer & Rachel Gafni

The three children of Boruch Glezer and Rachel Gafni:

Rosa Glezer Golandski

Rosa Glezer

Rosa/Roza Glezer was born in Aniksht (Anykščiai) ~1909. She married Jacob Fisher, born in Trashkun in 1915. In 1941, Jacob and the couple's young child were killed in an aktion in the Kovno ghetto. Rosa survived as a forced laborer in Lithuania and later in Germany at Stutthoff concentration camp, where she met Chaim Golandski, born in 1887. Chaim lost his first wife and four children in the Holocaust in Pinsk (then Poland, now Belarus). Rosa and Chaim married in Germany and went to Palestine in 1947. They had two children. Chaim died in 1986, and Rosa died in 1990, both in Israel.
DOCUMENTS Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony for Jacob Fisher (Rosa's first husband) and Miriam Golandski (Chaim's first wife).
DOCUMENT Rosa Glezer Fisher's prisoner ID card from Stutthof concentration camp (1944)
PHOTOS Rosa Glezer Golandski, Chaim Golandski, children Gitl and Aharon
MEMORY Rosa as remembered by her cousin Saul Rifkin

Herzl Glezer Lor

Herzl Glezer

Dvora Glezer Lor

Dvora Glezer Lor

Dvora Glezer was born in Trashkun in 1921. In 1939 she emigrated to Palestine, where she married Israel Lor. Israel died in Israel in 2003, and Dvora died in Israel in 2014.
PHOTOS Dvora Glezer Lor, husband Israel Lor, brothers Herzl & Boruch
PHOTO Dvora Glezer Lor, Israel Lor, and their two daughters (1955)
PHOTO Dvora Glezer Lor with her husband, brother Boruch, and two first cousins

III.  Khonel Glezer was born in Trashkun in 1840 He married Dvora, born in 1844.

Mendel Leyb Glezer was born in Trashkun in 1876. He married Buna-Gitl,[NOTE]Surname unknown. Not to be confused with Buna-Gitl Berk, who married Ortzik (Aharon) Glezer, shown above. born in Trashkun in 1880. Mendel Leyb and Buna-Gitl both died in the Holocaust in 1941. The four children of Mendel Leyb and Buna-Gitl:

Roske Glezer

Roska Glezer


Leah in 1927

Roska Glezer, born in Trashkun. During World War II, she spent time in the Kovno ghetto and was deported to the Stutthof Concentration Camp with Sheyna Beyla Berk (later Sonia Propis). Both survived. Roska was married, but her husband's name and fate are unknown. After the war she moved to Israel. The only known child of Roska and her husband:

Eliash Glezer was born in Trashkun in 1878. In Kupiškis on 24 February 1906, he married Chaya Yuter, born in Kupiškis in 1878, daughter of Shmuel. The two children of Eliash and Chaya:

IV.  Hirshe Glezer was born in Trashkun in 1841. His first wife (name unknown) was born in 1845. His second wife was Chana Rocha Kantsipovich, born in 1853.

Mortchel Glezer Family Tree (Geni)

PHOTO Several Glezer family members appear in this 1927 group photo taken at the Trashkun railroad station.

ITZIK GLEZER was born ~1790-1800 and had three sons: (back to top)

I.  Yankel Meyer Glezer was born in Rogeve (Raguva) in 1834, and married Gita (Gitl, Gutl) Kovnovich, born in 1835. Yankel died in 1905. Gita died in 1907.

Mortchel (Motl) Glezer was born in Trashkun in 1864. He made windows and doors. (See reference to Motl Glezer in Berl Glezer's memoir.) Motl married Basha (Basl) Rayna Kavalsky, born in 1865. He died in Trashkun on 14 October 1932. The four children of Motl and Basl Glezer:

Dobl Glezer Katz

Dobl (Glezer)
Katz (1972)

Katz family

Family of Dobl (Glezer) and Berl Katz
(Vilnius, 1966)   (enlarge)

Dobra (Dobl) Glezer was born in Trashkun in 1896. She married Berl Katz, who was born in Utyan (Utena) in 1888. During World War I, Dobl and Berl were forcibly expelled to the east, along with tens of thousands of other Jews. They spent the war years in Penza, Russia, and returned to Utyan after the war. At the outbreak of World War II, the family fled to Russia and spent the war years in Siberia. Both Dobl and Berl died in Israel in 1981.
PHOTO The family of Dobl (Glezer) Katz and Berl Katz (1966)
PHOTO Dobl and Berl Katz in Israel (1972)

Dvora (Glezer) Yuzent with family

Dvora (Glezer) Yuzent with Nosn,
their children and Nosn's family

Dvora Glezer

Dvora Glezer

Dvora (Dvera) Glezer was born in Trashkun in 1897. She married Nosn Yuzent, a stonemason. In 1915 (World War I) the family was evacuated to Penza, Russia, and returned to Trashkun after the war. In August 1941, Nosn and Dvora were killed in the Holocaust, along with five of their six children.
PHOTO Dvora with husband Nosn Yuzent and family (1933)
PHOTO Dvora, her daughter Zelda and others at wedding of Musya Yuzent (~1934-36)

Zelda Yuzent Kotkis

Zelda Yuzent
Kotkis (1954)

Zelda's Account of her escape in 1941

Elke Glezer

Elke Glezer

Berl Glezer

Berl Glezer

Elya (Elke, Eliahu) Glezer was born in Trashkun in 1902, and died in Troshkun in 1938 after a logging accident.
PHOTO Elke with his brother Berl, cousin Motl Shepshelevich, and friend Avrom Yuzent (1933)

Berl (Berke, Berchik) Glezer was born 23 July 1905 in Trashkun. He married Frida Kozhenetz, born 20 July 1911, daughter of Aizik and Chaya Beyla (née Kremer) Kozhenetz. Berl and Frida survived the war by fleeing to the Soviet Union (Siberia) (see Berl Glezer's memoir). After the war they returned to Lithuania and lived in Vilnius until 1990, when they moved to Israel. Berl died on 19 December 1991 and Frida died on 6 October 2001, both in Israel.

Glezer and Kotkis families

Berl Glezer's family with the family
of his niece Zelda (Yuzent) Kotkis.
(Vilnius, 1958)   (enlarge)

DOCUMENT Berl Glezer's internal passport (1927)
PHOTOS Berl Glezer with Trashkun pioneers (26 April 1930 and 1930)
PHOTO Berl, brother Elke, cousin Motl Shepshelevich, and friend Avrom Yuzent (1933)
PHOTO Berl with Frida and Peska Kozhenetz
PHOTO Berl Glezer with machine used in his furniture-making business (1937)
PHOTO Glezer family with Itzhak Konkurovich (1951)
PHOTO Glezer family with Kotkis family (1958)
PHOTO Glezer family at reunion of survivors from Troskunai in Vilnius (1962)
PHOTO Berl, Frida, Misha Glezer with Avrom & Hadassah Yuzent (1976 and 1990)
VIDEO Berl Glezer in 1989 (Yiddish) [1:00]

Berl Glezer's Memories of the Shepshelevich family

Chana Basa Glezer was born in Trashkun in 1865. She married Leybe Elye Shepshelevich (Šepšelevič), born in Trashkun in 1865. Leybe was a bricklayer, son of Abraham Shepshelevich. Chana Basa died in Ponevezh (Panevėžys) on 20 December 1924. Leybe was killed in the Holocaust in Birzh (Biržai) in the summer of 1941. The eight children of Chana Basa and Leybe Elye:

Leyzer Shepshelevich



Necha Shepshelevich

Hirshl Shepshelevich




Motl Shepshelevich

Motl Shepshelevich



Yudel Glezer was born in 1870.

Peysach Zalko Glezer was born in 1872. He married Chaya Tsesna, born in 1878. Peysach was conscripted in 1892.   PHOTO Peysach Glezer's house

II.  Mortchel Itzik Glezer was born in Trashkun ~1840. He married Mushka, born in 1845.

III.  Shmerel Itzik Glezer was born in 1847. He married Rochla.

Itzik Glezer Family Tree (Geni)

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