Families of Troškūnai (Trashkun)


Markel family

alternate spellings: Markell, Merkel, Markle, Merkle

The earliest known family member is Markel (Mortkhel) Markel, who was born before 1785 in either Raguva or Troskunai. The two known children of Mortkhel Markel:

I.  Eliash Markel was born in Raguva in 1803. He married Dvora, who was born in Raguva in 1807.

II.  Leybe Markel was born in 1813 in Raguva or Troskunai. He married Rocha, who was born in 1810 in Raguva or Troskunai. Rocha died before 1880.

Nosn Chaimovich


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