Families of Troškūnai (Trashkun)


Kushner family

alternate spellings: Kusner, Kushnir

The earliest known family member is Abram Khonel Kushner, who was born in Raguva (Rogeve) before 1829. He married Paya, and he died before 1868. Paya died before 1875. The two known children of Abram Khonel Kushner:

I.  Berko Kushner was born in Raguva in 1846. He married Pera, who was born in 1845. Berko died on 20 July 1893, and Pera died in 1892, both in Troskunai.

II.  Yakov (Yankel) Kushner was born in Raguva in ~1848. He married Mariasha (Maria), also born in ~1848, daughter of Eliezer. Yakov is mentioned in an account of the 1915 pogrom in Troskunai. Yakov died in Troskunai on 12 January 1929.  PHOTO Gravestone of Yakov and Mariasha Kushner

Chasya Kushner

Chasya Kushner

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