Families of Troškūnai (Trashkun)


Zalk family

alternate spelling: Salk

Leyzer Zalk is the earliest known family member. His son Zalkind Zalk married Freyda. The six children of Zalkind and Freyda Zalk are:

I.  Shmuel (Samuel) Zalk was born in Trashkun ~1830. Shmuel's first wife was Reyza, born ~ 1831. There are no known children from this marriage. Shmuel married his second wife, Hannah Shifra, around 1850. Around 1860, Shmuel married Roche Shule (Rose) Este, born ~1843. In 1905, Shmuel and Roche emigrated from Trashkun to the U.S., where they joined Max Zalk (Shmuel's son by his second marriage) in Duluth, Minnesota. Shmuel died ~1925.

II.  Shlioma Zalk born ~1845. Shlioma's first wife was Shora Chasa, born ~1849. His second wife was Liba born ~1845.

Binyomin Zalk

Binyomin Zalk

III.  Zlotta Zalk, born ~1858, died 1928. Zlotta married Abe Slonim (who died in 1944) and had five children:

Ruth Slonim

Ruth Slonim

Gilven Max Slonim

Gilven Slonim

IV.  Gitla (Geta) Zalk, birth date unknown. Gitla married Beryl Yosefovitz and had two children:

V.  Elliot (Elie) Zalk, birth date and wife's name unknown. They had three sons, names and dates unknown:

VI.  Moses (Morris) J. Zalk, born 1874. He escaped from the Russian army and fled with his small child Sarah to Duluth, Minnesota, where he had relatives. The fate of his first wife is unknown, as is her name. His second wife's maiden name was Cohen. His third wife was Fannie Mandel, born ~1885, whom he married ~1911.

The Garon Extended Family Website, created by Allan Garon, focuses on his family and the history of the Jewish community in Duluth, Minnesota. The Zalks immigrated to Duluth from Troskunai. The Yosefovitz family from Troskunai also settled in Duluth.

— Michael D. Zalk

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