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Shevtsovich family

Alternate spellings: Shevchovich, Sepsovich

Gershon Shevtsovich, son of Movsha Shevtsovich, was born in Rogeve (Raguva) ~1836. Sometime before 1857 he married Rivka (Sheyne Rivka) Karpov, born in 1834. Rivka died in Trashkun in 1895. On 11 August 1895 in Ponevezh (Panevežys), Gershon married Mirel (Mia), born in 1855, daughter of Reuven. Gershon died in Trashkun in 1907.

The six children of Gershon Shevtsovich and his first wife Rivka Karpov:

Yochved Shevtsovich Itzikovich

Yochved Shevtsovich Itzikovich

I.  Yochved Shevtsovich was born in Trashkun in 1859. She married Fayvl (Fayvish Shraga Menachem) Itzikovich, son of Orel (Aharon) and Feyge. In 1927, five years after her husband Fayvl died, she emigrated with her daughter-in-law and grandson to join her youngest son Bentzl Itzikovich in Winnipeg, Canada. She later moved to the United States to live near her sister Esther. Yochved died in Superior, Wisconsin on 8 March 1940.

Yochved Shevtsovich and family

Seated: Yochved (née Shevtsovich) and husband Fayvl
Itzikovich. Standing: niece and two sons (1910)

II.  Miral/Mirka (Mary) Shevtsovich was born in Trashkun ~1869. She married Samuel (Shlioma Zev) Waldman, born ~1870 in Kaunas Gubernia, Lithuania. They emigrated to New York, where Samuel Waldman died in 1936. Mirka died 6 November 1962 in New York.

III.  Esther Shevtsovich was born in Trashkun in 1870 or 1872. In 1896, she married Eleck/Itzik (Yitzhak) Cohen (later Alex Cohen), son of Abram and Chana, born in Keydan (Kedainiai) on 15 September 1869. They emigrated to the United States around the turn of the century and lived in Duluth, Minnesota. Esther died in Duluth on 24 August 1946. Alex died in Duluth on 19 August 1956.

IV.  Reyna Beyla Shevtsovich was born in 1872.

V.  Moshe (Leyzer Movsha) Shevtsovich was born in 1874. He was a shoemaker and owned a wooden house. He married Chaya Reyza Demb, born ~1870. Movsha died in Trashkun on 8 February 1940.

VI.  Gita (Gitel) Shevtsovich was born in 1876. She married Eliash Ekel Klatzko, son of Abram Shaya (Sam) Klatzko (born in 1874, died before 1929) and Leah Tauba Waldman. Gita's husband Eliash died before 1929.

The three known children of Gershon Shevtsovich and his second wife Mirel:

VII.  Mera Beyla Shevtsovich was born ~1898 in Trashkun.

VIII.  Pesa Shevtsovich was born ~1899 in Trashkun.

Shevtsovich family (~1940)

Shevtsovich / Sevciovic family
ca. 1939  (click to enlarge)

Shimen Shevtsovich

Shimen Shevtsovich
Simon Sevciovic

IX.  Shimen (Shimel) Shevtsovich, later Simon Sevciovic, was born in Trashkun on 2 May 1902. He married Rocha Hechter/Gekhter of Aniksht (Anykščiai), daughter of Eliash Hechter and Chava Berman. Not long after the death of their young son Gershon, Shimel emigrated to Brazil, arriving on 12 June 1926. Rocha and their surviving son joined him later, arriving on 7 July 1928. Rocha died on 18 September 1970, and Shimel died on 15 October 1984, both in São Paulo, Brazil.
PHOTO Simon with his family in Brazil (~1939)
PHOTO Simon's wife Rocha with granddaughter Annette (1956)
PHOTO Simon with his granddaughter Evelyn (1956)
PHOTO Simon and his wife Rocha (1969)
DOCUMENT Lithuanian passport of Shimen Shevtsovich (1926)
DOCUMENT Lithuanian passport of Rocha Shevtsovich and her son Eliash (1927)
DOCUMENT Rocha and Eliash Shevtsovich on passenger list of SS Cap Polonio (1928)

Eliash Shevtsovich

Eliash Shevtsovich
Elias Sevciovic

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