Families of Troškūnai (Trashkun)


Frida Berk Berk family (also Berg)

Boruch Glezer Glezer families (also Glazer)

Fayvl Itzikovich Itzikovich family (also Itsikovitz, Itsykovich, Itzikowitz, Ichikovitz, Ichikovich, Echikovitz, Kovitz, Covitz)

Zalman Kikhel Kikhel family (also Kichel)

Klatzko Klatzko family (also Klatchko)

Moshe-Itzik Kovnovich Kovnovich family (also Kovnovitz)

Fayvl Itzikovich Kozhenetz family (also Kozenetz, Kozinetz, Kazinetz, Kasenetz, Kasnetz, Kasin, Cousin, Cousins)

Basia Labo Labo family (also Labo, Laba, Labe, Lab, Lapp, Leib, Lobe, Levin, Levine)

Moshe Itzhak Reznikovich Voskoboinik Reznikovich family

Louis Segal Segal family (includes Roseman family)

Hirshl Shepshelevich Shepsel family (also Shepshel, Shepselevich, Shepshelevich, Sepselevich, Shepselevitz, Sepselevitz)

Yochved Shevtsovich Shevtsovich family (also Shevchovich, Sepsovich)

Skudovich Skudovich family (also Skudowitz, Supovitz)

Solomon Solomon family (also Solomin)

Harry Waldman Waldman family (also Valdman)

Shapsa Yuter Yuter family (also Juter, Yutar, Etter)

Zussman Yuzent Yuzent family (also Yuzant, Yuzhent, Yuzint, Juzint, Uzent, Uzant, Uzint, Usant, Ugent)

Fayvl Zalk Zalk family (also Salk)

Avram and Michla PunerOTHER FAMILIES  •  Konkurovich  •  Massis  •  Puner

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