Myadel~Miadel~Miadelai~Miadziol~Miadziel~Stary Miadziol~Nowy Miadziol

Grand Duchy of Lithuania~ Poland ~Russia ~United Soviet Socialist Republics ~Belarus

The Myadel Region




Region of Calm and Dreaming Lakes (from a biography of Rabbi Eliahu Gordon)

The Myadel Region (Links to geographic information)
Aerial  Map of Myadel Landscape  
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The Jews of Myadel



Surnames in Myadel


1923 Myadel Business Directory


Households in Myadel

Leaving Myadel
Lithuanian State Historical Archives  
Miadziol 1765
Miadziol 1784

Stary Miadziol 1765


Supplemental Revision Lists


1850 Revision List

Jewish Life in Myadel




Life in Myadel by Arye Geskin


Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Kosczevsky of Myadel


Eastern European Plagues and Epidemics


Deaths in Myadel 1811-1831


In Memory of the Jews in Myadel murdered 1941-1945


The Twenty-One killed in Myadel 25th of August, 1941


Memorial 1993


To my dear friends Miadler (An open letter from Sarah and John Alper of Canada)


Memorial and names from the murder site, September 21 1942


Deaths in Myadel 1941-1944


Kobylnik-Myadel Association


Eternal Testament: Memoirs of a Partisan
by Yakov Segalchick.

Photo Albums


Photographic Portraits of the Myadel Region


Bernstein Family Photos


Group Pictures 1930's


Family portraits

Svidler Famiy of Myadel
A Trip to the Cemetery in Old Myadel 


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