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To my dear friends Miadler

From the depths of my heart, do I wish to express my best and warmest thanks to you, Leibke (Arye Geskin) and to you Yosef Chadash, and to all who helped in the monuments and that the memorial should come about.

In the beginning, I had doubts if this was the best, and practical undertaking, to perpetuate in everlasting memory the names of our near and dear ones. But after a while, I came to the conclusion that you are right. Firstly, seeing your devotion and your strong conviction, gave me the enthusiasm and convinced me to add my hand, and assure the financial responsibility to such a worthy undertaking. I could not leave this project, which would mean that I have no responsibility in such a holy obligation to our dear ones. It was impossible for me to stand from afar. It is very sad to thin, when it comes to mind, where we are, and where "they" are. Therefore, how can we forget them? Would they not have done for us what we are doing for them?

Each name, that is chiseled on the monument, not withstanding how long it will last, is a proof that a man existed and that there have survived people who did not forget that man. There is no price, no matter how high, for the person (man) who was fortunate not to have seen these monstrous and unrecordable tragedies that they were forced to live through. I always had the question, how did this happen? That this one or the other one perished, and I and others remained alive?

They were not more foolish than us. And we were not smarter than they. We can only answer this question with the word 'mazel'. This remains for us once again "a saving". Our small city., implanted in us, the warm feeling of one for another. The pain of one was the suffering of all. They truly took me out of Miadel but they never removed Meidel from me.

There stands in front of my eyes the faces, from the names etched on the monument. As well as the faces of the people from our city, in front of my eyes, I see the 'cheder' with the teachers as Chaim Shalom, Yeruchem from Dolhinov. As well as Felix and others, who helped to teach and raise a generation of self respecting youth. As well as with the help of the small library that was in Meidel. To our great sorrow and despair the youth had no future.

When I look at our children, the second generation, and I see how they established themselves in life, Many are doctors, engineers, and other in the free professions. This causes so much 'noches' (joy) for their parents and humanity at large. We have to realize how much more would the victims who perished in the holocaust, and their children, have contributed to this humane purpose. To our sorrow, our dear ones were killed, and did not live to see succeeding generations.

Our children, born in America, Canada have often times asked, how is it possible that you have no brothers, no sisters, no grandfathers, no grandmothers, no uncles, no aunts - from where do you originate - who are your antecedents?

Therefore, I believe, that perhaps the monument that was erected in Meidel will answer this question. The one who will visit Meidel will know that tragedy occurred and where are all of our relatives. When we say 'yizkor' in shul and we mention the victims and undertake to give charity to perpetrate their memory - I believe that the erecting of this monument and inscribing their names for everlasting memory is of a higher state "מדרבה".

I received from Feivel's son, Dr. Shapiro, a cassette with the complete description of the monument. It is a wonder, how everything is so well arranged, and so well planned. I am lacking words to describe my feelings, when I saw the opening of this important assembly. It was very moving to hear how you, Leibke, presented your thoughts, and expressed, "all that was in our hearts with the 'kadish' and 'Hazkara' that you recited, you fulfilled our responsibility, our debts and our feelings.

Meidel has, for the first time after 50 years, heard the cry of the hearts expressed in the 'kaddish'. The stone monument that you have erected will remain as a memorial and an answer for all those questions - what did take place? And the answer will be, that here (in Meidel) lived for hundreds of years, Jews, upright, honest people, good working Jews, who never hurt or caused harm to anyone.

In 1941, the worst storm of wild animals in human form, befell the Jewish world. The Nazis have destroyed and murdered young and old - all inhabitants in our cities in the most barbaric manner. Therefore, the world, and all those who will visit the monument, will forever remember, and never forget that which happened to the Jews of Meidel.

Sarah and John Alper

August 16 1996

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