The Bernstein Family of Myadel

Photographs collection of Chaya Lupinsky

All rights Reserved

Azriel Bernstein Family                                   Myadel 1934

Top Row-left to right:

Chyena Bernstein -Azriel's wife
Azriel Bernstein
Zalman Bernstein
Yoseph Bernstein
his wife - Rivka Bernstein

Middle row: his father -Maishe Nordechai Bernstein

his mother- Chaya Keila Bernstein
Rabbi Zelig Sorasky - grandson of Maishe Mordechai (from his first wife) came from USA to study in Mir Yeshive . He visited his family in Myadel.
Luba Katzman (Bernstein) - the daughter of Shimon and Asne Bernstein

In front: Avram Itze - the son of Yoseph and Rivka Bernstein


  Shimon Bernstein family                     Myadel 1934

from left to right : Asne Bernstein,

son Shmuel Biran (Bernstein),

Rabbi Zelig Sorasky,

daughter Luba  (Bernstein) Katzman

Shimon Bernstein

Myadel 1929 -

Yoseph and Rivka Bernstein and their son Avram Itze

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