About the Authors

Nancy Holden as been researching  Myadel Region family history since 1983. Concentrating mostly on the Gordon and Chadash roots in Myadel, she has collected, wherever possible, information that will inter-connect the many Gordon and Chadash families of Myadel Region. With others, she is also trying to trace the many Gordon families to a common root in Lithuania in the late 17th century.  A teacher and lecturer, she is retired and lives in Southern California.

Chaya Lapidot Lupinsky was born in Haifa, Israel. She served in the army; studied at the University of Jerusalem with a major in Geography, the Bible and Education. She was a High School teacher in Rehovot and is a certified tourist guide. Her Myadel roots go back to the Menkis and Chadash families. Through this search she has became knowledgeable about the shtetl Myadel and the Myadlers who were born there.




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