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The Twenty-One Killed at the Bridge

  1. Rabbi Kostzevsky

       Avraham Shmuel

  2. Shoag Israel ('shochet')

  3. Alperovich Bunke

  4. Alperovich Berl

  5. Astrin Chaim-Sholem

  6. Bampi Hilel

  7. Gordon Michel

  8. Gordon Lipke

  9. Chadash Avraham Leib

10. Chadash Zalman

11. Chadash Motke

son of Berl.

12. Chadash Motke

son of Leib

13. Chadash Moshe Yoshke

14. Chadash Ruvke

15. Yanovsky Yoshe Leib

16. Narotzky Zelig

17. Finkelstein Gershon

18. Kugel Zalman

19. Kupelevich Yoshe

20. Shulman Yudke

21. Shkolnik Meir



"Thus says the Lord God: O my people, I will open your graves and have you rise from them, and bring you back to the land of Israel. Then you shall know that I am the Lord, when I open your graves and have you rise from them, O my people! I will put my spirit in you that you may live, and I will settle you upon your land; thus you shall know that I am the Lord. I have promised, and I will do it, says the Lord."

Ezekiel 37: 12-14 (34)

To the memory of the Myadel People whose place of rest is unknown.

Irgun yozai Myadel 1993

Tombstone in the Myadel Cemetery


Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Kostzevsky and twenty other Myadel Jews are buried in four mass graves in the cemetery in old Myadel and their names are etched on the tombstone that was put into position in 1993. These Jews were tortured and murdered on the 25th of August, 1941 by the Germans and their local associates, may their name be erased. They were murdered near the bridge just outside the shtetl in the swamp area. Before they were murdered, they were forced to dig their own graves. After two weeks they were buried at the cemetery with the help of some Gentiles that had the grace to help and retrieve the bodies from the boggy mud.  Among those that brought the bodies for burial to the four mass graves in the cemetery were the late Yerachmiel Chadash (whose father was among the ones murdered) and Mr. Arie Geskin, may he live long! -Chaya Lupinsky


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