Myadel~Miadel~Miadelai~Miadziol~Miadziel~Stary Miadziol~Nowy Miadziol

Grand Duchy of Lithuania~ Poland ~Russia ~United Soviet Socialist Republics ~Belarus

In 2003, two tombstones were built to commemorate the Jews  of Myadel

who were not identified on the two memorial plaques on the mass graves.

The 65 and 21 Jews who were murdered by the Nazis in Myadel and its surroundings, in the forests near Kaminka and Usaci, on the battle front, and with the partisans.

In memory of the Jews of Myadel

 murdered by German Nazis and their collaborators




Istrin, Sore and her son Leibe

                     her son Zelig and his children Grunye Golde Libe and Noach

Istrin, Sore- Freide bat Avraham

Alperovich, Shlomo and his children Simke and Zalman

Alperovich, Meir- Arzik his wife Leshke and their 3 children

Estrin, Chaya- Raizl and her daughter Pesya

                                 her daughter Sara Estrin and gdaughter Shulamit

Bampi, Rachel- Leah and her children Ester- Libe and Molale

Bernstein, Chaya-Keile bat Shimon

                 her son Shimon his wife Asne and their daughter Mirale

                 her son Azriel and his wife Chyena

                 her son Zalman his wife Itke and their son Moshele

     her daughter Roche-Mirke Rubin and her children Leah Masha & Maishe  Gotkin Sara and her daughter Dina

                            her daughter Dvairke Chadash and her son

Goldman, Nachum his wife  Teibl and their daughters Yente and Ester-Libe

Gordon, Noach his wife Itl and their daughter Chaya-Sore

Gordon, Asher his wife Ester and their son Heshl

Geller, Elczik his wife Raizl and their daughter Nechama

                      His daughter Malka bat Nechama

Dimenstein, Shimon his wife Ester-Leah and their daughter Chaya-Dvora

Zaidel, Bella and her sons Chaim and Fidni

Chadash, Benes Yankl Hirshl and Dvora the children of Avram Leib& Freide

Chadash, Shalom and David the children of Yankl and Shifra

Chadash, Leibe and his wife Asne

Chadash, Berl and his wife Keile

Chadash, Zelda bat Chaim-Velvl and Sore - Freide

Chadash, Sore- Rivka bat Motke and Soshe  

Chadash, Bunye and her daughter Merke

Chadash, Dovid- Leib and his wife Itke

Chadash, Bailke and Yequtiel the children of Itzchak and Chaya - Sore

Chadash, Rivka bat Fishl and Dvora

                  Her son Tuvya his wife Chana-Rochl and their daughter Shulamit

Katz, Shlaimke and his daughter Gutke

Menkis, Chaim his wife Tirza and their daughters Braine and Rashke

Narotzky, Yoseph his wife Tzila and their sons ChaimYacov Shlomo Shmuel

Furman, Chyena & her children Genya Chana-Gita Favish Batya Shalom

Perlman, Sara bat Benes and Tzipe-Maire

Zeitlin, Idl his wife Asne and their sons Michael and Chaim

Kutzer, Benye his daughter Hinde, his son Shimon and gson Eli - David

Klorin, Avram his wife Shula and their daughter

Radoshkovich, Shainke bat Berl Alperovich and her children

Rubin, Chanke bat Ber Alperovich and her son

Rubin, Natan his daughter Yente

Raichl, Chaim Yoshe ben Israel and his son Yechezkel

Shvimer, Motle his wife Chana and their grandchildren Leilale and Mina

Shulman, Tzivya bat Yudke & Bat Sheva



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