Myadel~Miadel~Miadelai~Miadziol~Miadziel~Stary Miadziol~Nowy Miadziol

Grand Duchy of Lithuania~ Poland ~Russia ~United Soviet Socialist Republics ~Belarus


above) the massgrave 1942-1992

(left) Arye Gaskin standing in front of the mass grave of the sixty-five people murdered on the 21st of September 1942 in 1993. 

"The last of the Myadel Jews

men, women, old and young,

who were murdered and buried here on the

21st of September of 1942

the day after Yom haKipurrim

 by the German Nazis.

May G'd revenge their death"


    Donors for renovation of the cemetery , the mass grave and the memorials. in  Myadel

John Alper  -   Canada , main donor

Rabbi Kosczevsky's family - USA , Israel
The Rubin brothers - USA
Harold Svidler  - USA
Ben Gordon  - Canada
Efraim  Chadash  - USA


An open letter to all Myadelers from Sarah and John Alper of Canada

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