Myadel ~ Stary Myadel ~ Miadel ~ Miadelai ~ Miadziol ~ Miadziel ~ Stary Miadziol ~ Nowy Miadziol
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Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Kosczevsky


Dvora Kosczevsky Tennenboim

My father, Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Kosczevsky, was born in 1887 to Arye Leib and Malka in Zambrow (Zambrove) nearby Lomza, Poland. In his youth, he studied in Lomza's Yeshiva and in Slovodka's Yeshiva in Kovno, Lithuania. At the age of 20, he married Beila Raichman (parents:Moshe and Chana Shifra) from Zaremby Kosczelne.

After his studies, he was sent to be a "Magid Shir" (teacher) in Eisiske's Yeshiva. The occupation period by the German army in the first World War was a time of severe conditions which caused hunger in the population, so the Rabbi sent his wife and children to her parents. Soon after, the border was closed and the Rabbi was separated from his family for four years. After the war he returned to his family in Zaremby Kosczelne. He had no employment there, so he came to Vilnius to seek advice from the Rabbi 'Posek' Chaim Ozer Grodzansky who advised him to accept the first offer that came to him. In 1922, he became the Rabbi of Podberezy and, in 1932, he became the Rabbi of Myadel.

He replaced Rabbi Zipkevich who was known to be the Shochet, Shoag Israel's brother-in-law . The Shochet, who came to Myadel from Vilnius, became the Rabbi's son-in-law. The Rabbi, the Shochet and nineteen men of Myadel they were tortured and murdered by the Nazis and their helpers and died 30 September 1941( gimel Elul, taf shin alef )

The Rabbi and his wife lived in Myadel from 1932-1941/2. They had six children :( 1 son and 5 daughters)

1.Rabbi Reuven Zalman Shlomo - b.1910, married Fiegl ( Rabbi Ben Zion Mitvavky's daughter from Lebedova nearby Molodecno) and was the Rabbi of Lipnishak (Lipniski).He perished in the holocaust.

2. Yudit- b.1911.She married Myadel's 'Shochet' Shoag Israel in 1932 .She and her two children Yehoshua and & Malka were murdered in the massgrave on 23.09.1942.

3.Gittle- She married Rabbi Arye-Leib Lis in 1937 and they lived in Ostrovietz nearby Vilnius. After her husband was murdered, she returned to Myadel (the end of 41) with her two sons. One of the boys she lost in the woods, the second one is Rabbi in Israel .Gittle remarried Rabbi Chaim Zaiczik.

4.Sara- she married, Rabbi Nachum Lebovich scholar of Kaminetz Yeshiva, in 1946 .He was the nephew of the Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Baruch Ber Lebovich. They have 4 daughters all married in USA.

5.Dvora- b. 1922, married Rabbi Arye Leib Zilberstein scholar of Radun Yeshiva (Hachafez Chaim) in 1946. She has four children ,three of them in the USA and a daughter in Israel. She remarried to Rabbi Tennenboim.Dvora Lives in Jerusalem.

6.Perke (Perel) the youngest daughter was married to Abram Yakov Rotkin . They have 5 children In USA."

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