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Mass Deaths in Myadel Region Due to Epidemics and War

Deaths in 1812-14

Chodash 11

Gordon 3

Kopelovich 3

Malischkevich 2

Smitski 2

Svirdler 3


Deaths in 1831

In 1831 the Polish Calvary was stationed between the two lakes in Myadel.

Chodash 13

Gordon 2

Svirdler 2


Mass Deaths 1941-1944

The majority of deaths by murder in Myadel occurred at the bridge 30th of August 1941 and in the woods 21st of September 1942. Other deaths occurred in small numbers in various places outside of Myadel.

The Revision List of Myadel Jewish Males in 1811 has only the list of male members of the households. The Revision List of 1816 shows households which include the names and ages of female members as well. In these Revision lists,  deaths are recorded. This enables the reader to see that large numbers of deaths occurred in the period 1812-1814. Whether this infers causes other than natural death, is not provable. But the numbers seem significant.

This applies also to the Revision List of 1834 which shows a large number of males who died in the year 1831. In the book, Memory, Myadel Region, there is a short paragraph on the Insurrection of 1831 and it's effect on the Myadel region.

The Yiskor Lists for 1941-1944 give evidence of the decimation of the Jewish population of these shtetls.



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