Group Photographs in Myadel


photo dated 1935 ,

On the front steps of  Alperovich family (Shlomo & Rivka) house.The children are dressed in school holiday dresses.


Upper step from left : Dvora Kosczevsky ,Yitzchak Alperovitch and Chaya Dvora Dimenstein.


Second step from left: Benyamin Alperovich , Zalman Alperovich (Yitzchak's brothers) and Shepsl Dimenstein (Chaya Dvora's brother).


First step from left: Sima Alperovich (Yitzchak's sister) and Perel Kosczevsky (Dvora's sister)


Estrin family in the early thirties ,

Sitting from left to right : Chaim Sholem Estrin ,his wife Raizl, their daughter Chana Rachel,her husband Tuvya Chadash.


Standing from left to right the other 6 daughters: Frieda , Bela ,Braine, Pesya , Rivka, and Sarah. The children of Tuvya and Chana Rachel : Dvora Kraiczman and Yoseph Chadash who gave me the pictures.  


 Ken Hashomer Hatzir from 1932

 (chet iyar ,taf raish zadi bet)I


Upper row from right :Rivka Estrin (Householder #33) Chaya Gaishe Mindlin (Householder#56) Berl Rubin (Householder #65) Dina Gotkin (Householder #11) David Chadash (Householder #61) Pesya Estrin Householder #33) Itze Vele Friedman (the son of Ester Alperovich) *, Yoshke Roczaisky ( Householder #25.


Middle row from right : Hershl Chadash (Householder # 64) Rachel Chadash Householder # 7) Sima Shvimer Householder  #12) Hadasa (Hodke) Geller (Householder #18)  Ester, the barber's daughter (left Myadel before 2nd w.w.), Chaya Dvora Dimenstein#2, Shilem Chadash # 61, Yente Rubin #65, Malka Shulman (Householder#21) Laike Katz (Householder #38) Dvora Kosczevsky Householder #55)  Faige Gotkin Householder # 11) Gershon Finkelstein (Householder #32)


Bottom row from right: Shainke ? , Faigale ? (sisters ,surname unknown, father Baruch - the hats-maker, left Myadel before the 2nd w.w.), Alperovich Borech Chaim (Householder #28)  Nachman Shulman (Householder #21) Yitzchak Geller (Householder #18) Unknown , Bashe Raichel (Householder #31) Blooma Vitkin (Householder #20) Perel Kosczevsky (Householder #55) Gitl Chadash (Householder #47) Rachel Geskin (Householder #10)
* *house was forgotten in the map.

Meeting of youth from Myadel, Kurenitz and Smorgon on lake Miastro.(in the early thirties)

Photographs collection of Chaya Lupinsky - All rights Reserved

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