Kimberley, South Africa



With the help of those who lived there, we are compiling a database of families who lived in Kimberley with their stories, biographies, pictures and reminiscences. This will of course take time.  Please click here to our questionnaire.


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Families A – D

Allen, Gary

Apter Family

Apter, Mendel

Auerbach, (nee Kretzmar), Geraldine

Awerbuck, Raphael and family (Awerbuck and Brown)

Barnett, Laz and Freda (nee Jawno)

Benjamin, Bernard

Benjamin, Judy (death announcement)

Benn (nee Brown), Delia

Bergman, Jacob and Amalie (nee Friedlander)

Berman (nee Brown), Cherille

Bernard (nee Levinsohn) Gail

Bonas, Charles

Borkum, Philip & Ella (nee Heydenreich)

Brown, Harry and family (Awerbuck and Brown)

Cantor, Jane Beth (Granddaughter of Aaron Senderovitz)

Cohen, Bessie, death announcement

Cohen (nee Cohen), Fay (Eulogy)

Cohen, Leonard (Webby) (Eulogy)

Chonin, Edel

Chonin, Leon

Chonin, Seville

Clingman (nee Kroll), Estella (Stella)

Cvi, Anna (now Teper)

Dalrymple, Mike (re Dr Solly Perel and other families)

Datnow Family: Benjamin, Levine, Mike

Datnow (nee Erlanck), Marie widow of Mike (Eulogy)

Datnow (nee Shain), Lisette

David, Louis and Connie (of A David & Co)

Diamond Family

Families E – K

Eberlin, Stanley

Finberg, Mickey & Dorothy

Frank, Jeffrey

Frank, Masel and Nita and family

Friedman, Norma (nee Levinsohn) & Milton

Geller (nee Malkenson) Sharon late wife of Jeff (Eulogy)

Ginsberg Family

Gillis (nee Toube), Daphne Rose

Goldberg, Abe

Goldberg, Mr & Mrs Bernard & Family

Goldberg, Solomon, Deborah & Family

Goldberg, Rev Chaim, Tribute by Leon Chonin

Goldenbaum, Myra & Joseph

Goldman, Buddy

Goodman (nee Cohen), Sarah

Grant (nee Frank), Sheila

Grigson (nee Dave), Barbara

Haas, Gertie, Ivor & Family

Hammerschlag, Jeff

Harris, Colonel Herbert Sextus

Harris, Cyril

Harris (nee Gluckman), Monica

Harris, Solomon & Harry

Hecht, Harold

Hertog, Lucien

Horwitz, Monica (death announcement)

Hotz, Hilda & Charlie

Isaacs, Rev Harris

Jacobson, Dan (obituary)

Jacobson, Solly & Julie (nee Lurie)

Jawno, Brian (death announcement)

Jawno, Lionel

Jocum, Hirsch

Joseph (nee Horwitz), Pamela

Joseph, Philip (obituary)

Katz, Jules (Obituary)

Katz (nee Chin), Shirley (Obituary)

Klein, Grace (death announcement)

Klein, Jennifer (now Lipsitz)

Klein, Miriam widow of Mike (Eulogy)

Klewansky, Theo

Kotkis, Eleanor

Kretzmar, Noel

Families L – R

Levinsohn Gail (now Bernard)

Lewis, Coleman and Family

Lewis, Marion Anne (nee Schild)

Maresky Family.pdf

Mendelsohn, Rev Meyer & his son, Sidney

Michalson, Lance

Mehl (nee Slomowitz), Claire widow of Goldie Mehl (Eulogy)

Milwidsky (nee Shein), Mavis

Moross Family

Nogid, Harry

Odes, Solly, Sheila and Family

Perel, Dr Solly (Dalrymple, Mike)

Rauff, Arnold (obituary)

Robins (nee Schrire), Gwynn

Families S - Z

Sacks, Marc

Salkinder, Cyril

Schrire, Louis

Schrire, Samuel

Schrire, Velva (Vaal)

Senderovitz, Aaron

Senderovitz, Raphael

Shapiro, Woolf (Willie)

Shein, Poddy

Solsky (nee Buirski), Beverly

Sperber, Michael

Stein, Leslie

Steinberg (nee Frank), Alma

Steinberg, Mark

Strano (nee Benjamin), Esther

Sussman, Cecil and Natalie (nee Kroll)

Sussman, Philip and Augusta (nee Cohen)

Teper (nee Cvi), Anna

Tockar, Jean, nee Ginsberg

Toube, Trevor Philip

Weinberg (nee Capon), Victoria

Weinstein, Lipi and Hannah (nee Erhlich)

Werner, Rabbi Oscar, Tributes by Leon Chonin & Bernard Werner

Zweiback, Solomon

Harris Family


Compiled by Geraldine Auerbach MBE, London

Updated  January 2021

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