Kimberley, South Africa


Milwidsky (nee Shein) Mavis


Mavis Milwidsky (nee Shein)

Year of birth... 1931.

3 words etc.

Most wonderful Youth ...

Date I left Kimberley: 

30th June 1967

Age when I left: 36.

Scholastic etc.  Completed schooling at Kimberley Girls High School.

Where u live now....Israel.

What do I do....retired after many years of doing voluntary work.

Martial status:   Widow...  2 Married sons, 4 Grandchildren and 3 Great Grand children.


Aaron Passed Away 11 years ago.

I Would also like to tell you of the achievements of my 2 Boys....Indeed I am very proud of their contribution to Israel.

I would be happy to be connected to the K Ex-Pat group.