Kimberley, South Africa


Cohen, Leonard

Cohen, Leonard (known as Lennie or more often Webby) born on 8 May 1930.

Son of Solomon and Thelma Cohen,

Married Doreen

2 children Anthony and Shelley

Died Australia 11th April 2007

Tribute from Webby’s sister Sarah Cohen Goodman


My dearest Lennie, or should I call you by your popular nickname, Webby, you have been part of my life since I was born.  You were my big brother, and for most of my youth, almost a father to me.  You always worried about me and wanted to take care of me.  I remember so well you buying me a pair of shoes with your first meager pay check, and paying for me to go to a Bnei Tzion Summer Camp. You were always responsible and cared for us all.  As I look back now, I cannot remember us ever arguing, and together with our sister, Fay, we were three siblings who were very close to each other.

Unfortunately, as we reached adulthood, we were not destined to live close by.  I made aliyah to Israel, you immigrated to Australia and Fay remained in South Africa.  We lived in different continents, but between the three of us, we always stayed close and kept in contact with each other, for which I am very grateful.

I am also thankful that we were able to give you a special gift.  My husband, Jack, introduced you to your wonderful wife, Doreen, and you had thirty-nine of the best years of your life with her.  You had two outstanding children, who gave you a great deal of love, pride and joy, and they married two very special people who also gave you much happiness.  You were always there to help your family, and you enjoyed a warm and affectionate family life.  You took pleasure in your four lovely grand-daughters, whom, as you often told me, you were so proud of and loved so much.

You were a respected citizen, and always took your duties very seriously.  In our hometown, Kimberley, you served as President of the H.O.D., President of the Lion’s Club, President of the Jewish Congregation, and Chairman of the Chevrah KaDishah. You were responsible for arranging with the De Beers Consolidated Mining Company  to house the old antique Hearse, which was no longer in use, at the Open Mine Museum, and this created a good deal of public interest.   

I remember you as always being concerned with charitable work, and because of your caring and pleasant personality, you were surrounded by a large circle of friends. You were kind and helpful to everybody.

Fay and I, your sisters, Anthony and Shelley, your children, Janine and Stephen, their spouses, Aimee, Emma, Tyla and Rebecca, your grand-daughters, Nathan and Jack, your brothers-in-law, all our respective families, and also all our dear friends, close by and far away, will miss you very much.  We will always cherish your memory.

I cannot imagine not being able to talk to you on the phone anymore, or never seeing you again.

I love you Lennie, may you rest in peace!

Your loving sister, Sarah.

Posted January 2017