Kimberley, South Africa


Cvi, Anna, (now Teper)

Cvi, Anna (now Teper)

I was born in Kimberley in 1939. 

My Parents were Isak and Hinda Cvi (nee Rosenthal)

My father was a respected Blockman for the Sussman Premier Meat Supply (he as a cousin of the owners Kollen and his brothers, and son, Cecil Sussman)

Sister My sister Rina married Shim Mareskyin the Kimberley shul in June 1952. (see their wedding pictures). They lived in vd Byl Park where she was sadly mown down in a motor accident in 1972.

Husband Wilfred Teper – is a Chemical Engineer see our wedding pictures from 1963

We live in Toronto

I am very involved with the Academy of Life Long Learning – under the auspices of the University of Toronto.  A multitude of courses are available - each class having approx 18-22 students. Each member of the group has to do at least one presentation in the academic year). I have presented courses on the Works of Gertrude Stein; on an Unusual Museum, and one on an Indian (NB INDIA INDIAN) author.

Our younger son Dan and his family live in New York.  

(you can also see my camp photos in the youth articles in Newsletter 15 and on the website .)

Anna wrote to me and said: I have a very nice story to tell you re your Dad, Geraldine: -

Dr Noel Kretzmar – To the Rescue

My mom said that your dad was a wonderful doctor.  He was my parents' doctor in their early days in Kimberley.  Apparently, when I was about 4 years old approx 1944-5, I had a very severe stomach ache.  My Mom (walking carrying me - no car, but luckily, we were about a 10-minute walk/run away) took me to see your Dad. On immediate examination - he said it was an emergency - and was going to take me immediately to the hospital in his car.  He put me and my Mom in the car and headed to the hospital.  On arrival he immediately said he needed the operating theatre and he, carrying me (with my Mom scurrying after him) rushed to the theatre – my Mom stood at the door and watched the whole operation.  My appendix was about to burst!! 

After the surgery I was placed in the ADULT WARD (NO OTHER BED AVAILABLE) and I remained there for about a week.  All I remember about the whole experience is that my tummy was very sore, and I was scared by the behaviour (screaming and crying etc) of some of the women in the many bedded ward and I would not eat any of the hospital food.  My Mom brought me fresh fruit salad to eat daily.  My parents were eternally grateful to your Dad and insisted on having him attend whenever possible.

Forward about 18 years and I and my fiancé Wilfred Teper were visiting my folks when Wilfred had trouble with his car's engine and managed to get a mechanic on the weekend to look at it etc. Wilfred is very handy with all sorts of mechanical problems (although he is a Chemical Engineer and not a Mechanical one) when a piece of metal flew off and entered his upper arm – immediate attention was needed, and my DAD said – ONLY DR. NOEL    Your Dad to the rescue again.   Into the hospital and luckily your Dad was able to locate the metal which had penetrated quite deep and had to be removed immediately so that it would not travel to the heart etc!  ------- So, Dr Noel Kretzmar was the family hero – again.   I thought that this is an important family story for children and grandchildren etc to know about. I do not remember if I ever told you about your how your DAD helped/saved our family members – as I am sure he helped many others too.

Best wishes from your Dad's grateful patients and their families.

Anna Teper (nee Cvi)