Kimberley, South Africa


Hotz Family, Hilda and Charlie

Charlie Hotz married Hilda Lincow in Kimberley in 1937.  They had three children: Marshal, Shelly, and Pamela born between 1940 and 46. Shelley writes in May 2016: ‘Our grandfather Natie Lincow was the supervisor/custodian/shamas at the small shul on Green Street where we used to go on Simchas Torah to celebrate with him. I loved going there on that particular holiday till it became unsafe for the women to go upstairs because the building’s structure was unsafe.

‘My father had a men’s outfitting shop, Wearwell, on the Market Square for years until we left for Cape Town. I am living in Boston (for past 33 years) and just love seeing the old names that are such a distant memory. I left when I was 15 for Cape Town, did medicine there and work as a psychiatrist in Newton, Massachusetts. I was known as Shelley Hotz in those days and my mother and father were Charlie and Hilda Hotz. They subsequently went to live in Israel in Herzlia and lived at Beth Protea until they both passed away. My sister is Pam Buckham who lives in George. Thanks again, Rocky Levin (aka Shelley Hotz)’

Marshal writes in October 2017: ‘My wife Rosemary of 48 years, son and daughter in their 40's, 5 lovely grandkids and I have been living in Herzlia Israel for 40 years. My sister Pam lives in George and Shelly in Boston. I still work as a dentist but spend more time playing tennis on our complex where we live. I read your interesting diary. Now I know who you are – Kretzmar. You must have been a year ahead of me at school, I matriculated 1957 Ivor Brown, Trevor Toube, Bernard Melunsky were my time. My cousin Gerald David would be your contemporary. I have a problem putting faces to those days so what would be nice if there would be photos of all those you and Leslie have mentioned then and now. Also, I would like to contact those living in Israel if you have their email addresses.

Regards Marshal

Israel: Pam, Rochelle, Rosemary Marshall’s wife, Hilda, Marshall, Charlie Hotz and Grandchildren

Hilda and Charlie married in Kimberley in 1937

Hilda and Charlie at Dr Rochelle Hotz’s Graduation in Medicine in Cape Town c 1962