Kimberley, South Africa


Jocum, Hirsch

  1. 1Submission Date
    2016-04-07 10:31:40

  2. 2Name
    Hirsch Jocum

  3. 3Year I was born

  4. 4Date I left

  5. 5Age when I left
    18 years

  6. 6Reason for leaving
    Went to university

  7. 7Where I went

  8. 8Scholastic achievements, degrees, qualifications and where they are from
    Went to Kimberley Boys' High School where I matriculated in 1971. Had my Barmitzvah in Kimberley on 26 March 1966 Parsha Va Yikrah. Taught by Rabbi Oscar and Mrs Leah Werner. Remember them very fondly . Was a border at KHS and have very fond memories of Barney Horwitz and his parents; Franklin Dubowitz and his parents who were very good to me. Did a B.Sc and an M.B.,ChB at Pretoria University Been practising as a General Practitioner in Pretoria ever since.

  9. 9Where I live now

  10. 10What I do / did
    Medical Practitioner

  11. 11Marital status
    Married to Hilary nee Abratt

  12. 12Date and place of wedding
    Pretoria 16 December 1979

  13. 13Where my partner was born

  14. 14What my partner does / did
    French Teacher

  15. 15My children, names, year born, where they live and what they do
    Darren born 1982, an Actuary married and living in Camps Bay. Jonathan, born 1984.  Anaesthesiologist at Washington University Medical School and Barnes Jewish Hospital in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. Gary, born 1988,  Veterinary Surgeon in Private Practice in Sydney, Australia.

  16. 16My father, where he was born, when he died, at what age, where buried and occupation
    Cyril Jocum Living in Umhlanga Rocks, passed away 26 February 2017, four months short of his 90th birthday.

  17. 17My mother, where she was born, when she died, at what age, where buried and occupation
    Taube nee Herzenberg passed away 1981.