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Chaimovich family

Abram Itsyk Chaimovich was born ~1857 in Troskunai. His parents were Chaim Chaimovich and Taiba (Toyba?), both born sometime before 1839. Abram Itsyk, a hammersmith, married Chaya Bluma Chayet, who was born in Troskunai in 1857. Chaim died on 17 April 1935, and Chaya Bluma died on 15 October 1937, both in Troskunai. The six known children of Abram Itsyk and his wife Toyba:

Nosn Chaimovich


Nochum Chaimovich


Beyla Chaimovich


Sara Chaimovich

Sara (née)

Neyach Chaimovich


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Konkurovich family

alternate spelling: Konkurowich

Chaim Sholem Konkurovich (born ~1858), son of Moyshe, was married to Chaya Sora (Levinson) Konkurovich (born ~1862). They had ten children. We know the names of seven of them:

In 1910, Chaim Sholem Konkurovich went to South Africa and later sent for five of the family's children, one of whom was Berl. Chaya Sora and the remaining five children continued to live in Trashkun. Among these were Chana, Etel, and Gitl, and Itzik. Chaya Sora and her daughters were all teachers. Berl Glezer wrote of them in his memoir, “You could always hear laughter coming from their house.”

During World War II, Chaya Sora was killed at Pajuoste in 1941, along with the rest of the Jews from Trashkun and nearby towns. Chana Gurvich also was killed at Pajuoste in 1941. Etel and Yosef Brazg lived in Trashkun during the war and were killed at Pajuoste in 1941, along with their daughters Batia and Rachel. Gitl and Mortchel Chayet lived in Birzh (Biržai) during the war and were killed there in 1941. The fate of Tzipa Rachil and Yankel Hartsman is unknown.

Konkurovich family

Itzik Konkurovich, Berl Glezer, Berl Konkurovich, Bluma and Chana
(Itzik's wife & daughter), 1961.

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Itzik Konkurovich


Itzhak Eliezer (Itzik) Konkurovich was born on 22 February 1912. He had been studying in Kovno when World War II broke out. He was caught in the Kovno ghetto, where he helped his friend and fellow student from Trashkun, Miriam Shumacher (later Krakinowski). Itzik's friend Shmuel Kovnovich stated in an oral history interview that Itzik escaped from Kovno and joined the Lithuanian Division of the Soviet Army. After the war, Itzik settled in Vilnius, married Bluma Sondak, and had a daughter named Chana (now Anna). In 1972 the family moved to Israel, where Itzik died on 12 October 1990.

First in Vilnius and later in Israel, Itzik Konkurovich, along with his friends Berl Glezer and Miriam Krakinowski, was instrumental in maintaining ties among survivors from Trashkun, no matter how far away they lived. He provided important written testimony about what happened in Trashkun during the war. He also wrote a remembrance of fellow Trashkuner Avram Elye Puner and his family, giving us an engaging portrait of life in prewar Trashkun.

LETTER  “Reb Avraham Elye ‘der Got’” (letter about Avram Puner)

PHOTO Itzik Konkurovich, Berl Konkurovich and friends
PHOTO Berl Konkurovich visits Itzik and friends in Vilnius (1961)
PHOTO Itzik Konkurovich with his friend Shmuel Kovnovich in Vilnius (1957)
PHOTO Itzik Konkurovich with his friend Shmuel Kovnovich at Pajuoste (1957)
PHOTO Itzik Konkurovich with other Trashkuner survivors at Pajuoste (1959 and 1961)
PHOTO Itzik at reunions of Trashkuners in Vilnius (1963) and Israel (1987)
PHOTO Gravestone of Itzhak Eliezer Konkurovich

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Massis family

Frank Massis

Frank Massis

Frank Joseph Massis (the English version of his name) was born in Troškūnai on 4 July 1890, the son of Joseph and Frances Massis. No other information is available regarding his parents.

According to stories passed down through the family, troops came to the Massis home in Troškūnai sometime after 1900. His parents hid Frank and his sister in a wood pile so they survived, but his parents and an unknown number of brothers and sisters were killed. Frank and his sister escaped and somehow found themselves on a grain ship to New York, arriving at Liberty Island in 1911. In the United States, Frank lived for a time in Boston before settling in Farmington, Maine. He married Lena Dustin on 10 December 1916, and they had a daughter Marguerite in 1919. Frank Massis died in Farmington in 1968.

PHOTOS Frank Massis, wife and grandchild
DOCUMENT Frank Massis U.S. draft card (1917)
DOCUMENT Frank Massis obituary

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Puner family

Avram Puner and wife Michla

Avram & Michla Puner

Avraham Elye Puner, son of Mortchel and Pesa, was born in Trashkun in 1871. He married Michla Grinshteyn, who was born in Trashkun around 1867. The seven children of Avram and Michla Puner, all born in Trashkun:

Nechama Puner

Nechama Puner

Avram's wife Michla died in 1929. In August 1941, Avram and most of his grown children were killed in Pajuoste, along with the other Jews of Trashkun and the surrounding towns. The two young children of Yeshike and his wife Rivka—Chaim and Michla—were killed with their parents. The only known surviving child of Avram and Michla was Nechama Puner, who went to Palestine before World War II and married Aryeh (Leyb) Zalk, also from Trashkun. Nechama and Aryeh Zalk had three children.

In 1988, Itzhak Eliezer Konkurovich wrote a delightful letter about Avraham Elye Puner, whom the Jews of Trashkun nicknamed “Avraham der Got.” The letter describes Avram and his family, and at the same time it gives us a good sense of life in prewar Trashkun.

LETTER  “Reb Avraham Elye ‘der Got’”

PHOTO Avraham Puner and his wife Michla
PHOTO Nechama Puner with Trashkuner youth (1930)
PHOTO Nechama Puner with Trashkuner Zionist pioneers (1930)

Puner Family Tree (Geni)

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