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Before 1945, the Drohobycz Administrative District was the home for many Jewish families whose communities had been there for centuries. After 1945, most of the tiny number that had survived left to find new homes. The writers, filmmakers, professors, and journalists who would have recorded the histories of those vibrant communities, sing their songs, and tell their stories, had been turned to ashes. To revive the lost communities and memories of the families, descendants and survivors have contributed their photographs, their memoirs, and whatever they can remember of their families' stories to remind the world of what was lost.

For more family histories and photographs, see also the Israeli website commemorating

the Drohobycz, Borysław, and Vicinity.

Family Album

Home Page:  http://www.drohobycz-boryslaw.org/en/

Family Stories: http://www.drohobycz-boryslaw.org/en/families

A list of the family names in this website is added below.

See the Listings below for family stories and photographs

The "Oil King" of Galicia

The Markel and Seeman Families

They Owned a Variety Store

in Wolanka

Greetings from a Prisoner

in the First World War

The Family of Isaac Feuerstein

From a Market Stall in Drohobycz to Palestine and New York

The Gottfried Family

A Distinguished Drohobycz Family

Escape from the Poverty

of Borysław

The Schiff Family

A Physician in Borysław

Fashionable Young Ladies

The Langer and Stempler Families

The Vice-Mayor of Drohobycz

Mordecai Markel's Remarkable Survival in Borysław

The Kammermann Family

Israel Liebermann and his Family

The Gartenberg Family

Jakob Feuerstein's Family

The Wax King of Drohobycz

Hidden in a Bunker in Borysław

The Survival of

Yitzhak David Steg

An OIl Magnate of Borysław and his Five Sons

A Wealthy Lumber Merchant

David Lichtgarn and his Family

We Remember the Orphans

The Story of Alexander Schwarz

Alexander Schwarz was born in Borysław on 23 February 1921.

He survived the Janowska labour camp in Lwów.

The Story of June Friedman (Dzunia Steinberg)and her survival in Borysław

Marcel Drimer was born in Drohobycz. During the Nazi occupation, he survived by hiding with the help of a Ukrainian family.

The Story of Marcel Drimer


The Hillebrand-Lerner Family

The  Family of Wilhelm Russ

The Father of Polish Photography

The  Family of Dawid Russ

Tradition vs Modern Values

The Sternbachs

Chaim Means Life

The Story of Chaim (Imek) Segal of Borysłsaw

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