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A Physician in Borysław – David Lichtgarn and his Family

David Lichtgarn was born in 1873 in Rohatyn, Galicia, the son of Jacob Lichtgarn and his wife Beile Glanzberg. He studied medicine at the University of Vienna, relocated to practice in Borysław, and married Rose (Rozalia) Liebermann in 1902. Rose was born in 1877 to Israel Liebermann and Chana Waldinger of Borysław.

David and Rose Lichtgarn with their children, Anna Blanka, born around 1904 and Dolek born around 1908.

The photograph was taken in 1908.

David practiced medicine in Borysław and in the 1930's lived in this house. He and his wife Rose died in the 1930's prior to the Holocaust.

Anna Blanka (1904-1944) and Dolek were the children of Jacob's son, David, and Rose Lichtgarn of Borysław. Sophie's parents are not known but she was probably a cousin of Anna Blanka and Dolek. The photograph was taken in the Drohobycz studio of Wilhelm Russ (see The Family of Wilhelm Russ.)

Jacob Lichtgarn (Lichtengarn), David's father was born around 1848 in Rohatyn, Galicia to Abraham and Taube Lichtgarn. His brothers Chaim David and Mayer Josel also lived in Rohatyn. With other members of his family, Jacob was in the business of manufacturing and painting signs. Jacob married Beila Glanzberg, the daughter of Berl Marcus and Zlata Glanzberg. They lived in Rohatyn where they had seven children. Beile Glanzberg Lichtgarn died in Rohatyn in 1892

Nancy Siegel, whose grandfather Leib (Leo) was the brother of Blanka's father David Lichtgarn, finds this photo particularly sad and touching because Anna Blanka, looking so beautiful and happy has no idea of the horrors that were coming.

Anna Blanka in a photograph taken in the early 1920's.

These photographs were contributed by Nancy Siegel, Jacob Lichtgarn's great granddaughter.

David and Rose's daughter Anna Blanka Lichtgarn and her brother Dolek taken around 1925. Dolek was in medical school in Italy when the war broke out. He was able to emigrate to the United States. Like his father, he became a physician.

During the Nazi invasion, Blanka’s husband David was killed. She and her daughters were hidden by righteous families, however Blanka was later captured and sent to Auschwitz. According to a relative's testimony, Anna Blanca survived Auschwitz but weakened and sickly, she died shortly after she was freed.

Anna Blanka's two daughters survived. The older daughter emigrated to the United States and the younger eventually emigrated to Israel

Jacob Lichtgarn and his grandchildren, Anna Blanka, the older chlld standing to Jacob's left, her brother Dolek sitting in the chair and Sophie in the centre.

Here is Blanka in the mid 1920's when she married David Landau of Przemyśl.