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The Family of Hersch and Ester Hinde Hammerman of Drohobycz

Dearest Harriett,

What a surprise it was hearing from you! You asked for the genealogical tree of our family. I remember a lot and am trying to tell you all about.

My Grandfather's name was Hersch Hammermann, my grandmother's name was, as you know, Hinde Esther Hammermann ([Harriett was named after her). We all lived in Drohobycz, a small town in Galicia (Austria) of 40.000 (sic) in habitants. My grandparents were well-to-do people, owned two large buildings in the center of the city.

They were very happy – had nine children: five boys and four girls. All were blessed with beauty and good characters and the family life was an example. The boys’ names you certainly know: Elias, Ben, Jacob, Ike. All four escaped to America for all the reasons but, the fifth boy by the name Leon became a pharmacist, settled down in a small city, had two daughters and was very successful. He passed away during the First World War of natural causes. Then Hitler took care of the rest of the family.

The names of the girls were the following: Anna, Fanny, Mina, and Laura, who was the youngest and my mother. All were married pretty well, but no comparison to American way of life. What happened to us, especially to me, you know well. You knew my dear Frudy, he adored you and your husband. Here I am all alone, have no family – how I miss Frieda and your mother. Don't want to go into it. They were so good to me  -so thoughtful as only a sister can be. I never had sister or brothers.

Thank God I am independent worked pretty hard in this country for twenty years. Have a small income and social security and don't need any help. Now I am working for Hadassa and United Jewish Appeal voluntarily-received an award last year (from U.J.A.) which makes me very happy and proud. I was raised under those circumstances-my Father was a Zionist all his life.

Nice to learn about your wonderful children. One of them, as I understand travels to New York-how nice it would be to make his acquaintance! Are you visiting New York sometimes?

Tell me something about yourself-how have you been? I hope that my report was to your satisfaction. Give my love to Belle and Jerome and tell them that my feelings towards them are very genuine. Hope to hear from you-write whenever you have the desire and convenience.

Love, Fanny

Submitted by Jim Borman.

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Jim Borman of Indianapolis, Indiana, contributes a story written by a relative from Drohobych. Fanny Schweig of New York City wrote the following story to Jim's late Mother, Harriett Elaine Levy Borman on October 28, 1979