Bukaczowze, Ukraine

Bukachevtsy, Ukraine

(Bukaczowce, Bukotchovitz, Bukashevitz, Bukashivtsi) 


This small town, near Ivano-Frankivsk (Stanislow), is my maternal grandmother's  ancestral shtetl .  With this page, I wish to pay my respects to her and her family, to those I knew and those I did not, to those who came to America and to those who remained behind and perished in the Holocaust.


There is a new sign for Bukachevtsy, certainly an improvement.

I visited Bukachevtsy in May 2001 and again in June 2007.  There's not much left to tell you that Bukachevtsy once had a sizable Jewish population.  There are no Jews and practically no Jewish buildings.  Even the cemetery was largely destroyed.  The Jews of Bukachevtsy exist only in our memories.  If you have memories to share or ties to Bukachevtsy, please contact me.
(Linda Cantor)


Remains of Bukachevtsy's Synagogue
June, 2007

   (photographs by Linda Cantor)

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Bukachevtsy, Ukr. (Bukaczowce. Bukotchovitz, Bukashevitz); pop. 733; 82 km SE of Lvov' 49 15  24 30; COH, EGRS, GUM3, JGFF, LDL, PHP2, SF, YB

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PHP2 - Pinkas Hakehillot Poland, Vol 2 Eastern Galicia
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JewishGen Family Finder  

Bukachevtsy's Place in History - Click here

Holocaust in Bukachevtsy

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Map of Bukachevtsy - map of Bukachevtsy as remembered by Sol  Mandel
Photograph Album  - Visit with our Bukachevtsy Families
Yiskor Book - Click here to see a translation of the "Bukaczowce" chapter from Pinkas Hakehillot Polin

Bukachevtsy before the Second World War

Photos courtesy of Tomasz Kizny


Houses in Bukachevtsy, May 2001

Houses in Bukachevtsy, May 2001


Main Street in Bukachevsty, June 2007

Main Street in Bukachevsty, June 2007

(photographs by Linda Cantor)

Cemetery in Bukachevtsy

The cemetery, which still stood relatively intact at the end of World War II (by eyewitness account of survivors), was destroyed by the Soviet Union.  The ground is mostly empty and there are a few remnants of tombstones left.  But the undergrowth is so heavy that it is all but impossible to know exactly what remains. 

We recently arranged to complete a fence around the cemetery and hope to have a dedication ceremony in the next year or two.  Please contact the webmaster if you are interested in more information and in contributing to this effort.

Bukachevtsy Cemetery  Remains of a tombstone





              Cemetery Wall





  (photographs by Linda Cantor)

Bukachevtsy Records

Cemeteries in Metropolitan New York City - There are several burial plots in the New York City area for the Chevra Ohev Shalom Anshei Bukaczowce. 
(Mt. Zion, Maspeth, NY, Mt. Hebron, Flushing, NY, and Beth Israel Cemetery, Woodbridge, NJ. )
Click here for more information.
Chevra Kaddisha Records   Learn more about the Pinkas of the Chevra Kadisha of Bukachevtsy
Landsmanshaftn in New York   Look at the original incorporation papers for 3 Bukachevtsy organizations
Bukachevtsy Memorials -   The descendants of Bukachevtsy  remember and memorialize their families.   

Immigrants to the U.S. from Bukachevtsy  


My experiences in Ukraine


Read the article which appeared in The Galitzianer, August 2001.  The Galitzianer is a publication of Gesher Galicia, Special Interest Group for Galicia.

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Return to Galicia" Return to Galicia" from The Galitizianer, November 2007   

Stories from Bukachevtsy- Share in the stories that people have sent us about Bukachevtsy 

Bukachevtsy Documents

Landsmanshaftn dues notice  1951

Birth Records - 1861 - Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine, Lviv

JDC Documents - Holocaust survivors registered with JDC after World War II 

School Records - 1926 - Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine, Lviv

School Records - 1926 - Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine, Lviv

Vital Records - Urzad Stanu Cywilnego (Civil Registration Office) - Warsaw

Polish Telephone Book - 1932/33  

Polish Telephone Book - 1938  Read stories about some of the people in the telephone book

Polish Business Directory - 1929 

Polish Business Directory - 1930  Read stories about some of the people in the Business Directory   

Registration Card - 1946 


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