Holocaust in Bukachevtsy

The German Army entered Bukachevtsy on July 3, 1941.  Many Jewish residents were sent to the ghetto in nearby Rohatyn.  From there many were killed and buried in a mass grave in Rohatyn, while the majority were sent to the Belzec death camp.  There were three separate "Aktions," September 21, 1942 (Yom Kippur),  October 26, 1942, and January 19, 1943.

Belzec Memorial 
From March through December 1942 about 500,000 Jews, most from Galicia , were exterminated at Belzec. 
The corpses were buried in mass graves and there are no records of the names of these people.


Memorial to those who were murdered in Rohatyn

The Rohatyn Holocaust memorial is in the middle of a field, on the outskirts of town. There is one marker, in Cyrillic, which commemorates the Soviet citizens who died during World War II, with no mention of Jews. The more recent monument, put up by Israelis, commemorates the 3500 Jews from Rohatyn and surrounding communities who were killed by the Germans in March 1942.

    Monument to those who perished in the Holocaust, Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Flushing, N.Y.

(Photographs taken by Linda Cantor)

Memorial to those from Bukachevtsy who were murdered, Mt. Zion, Jerusalem

(Photograph contributed by Rosalie Lawrence and Ruth Holler Smith)

The inscription, translated by Beverly Shulster Beiman, reads

In Eternal Memory:

This stone will be a monument to the memories of our  blessed parents, brothers, sisters, wives and children (may God avenge their deaths) from the city of BUKASHEVITZ and the vicinity (Galicia, Eastern Poland) who were murdered and slaughtered by the Nazis and their henchmen (may their names be wiped from memory) in the years of the Shoa, 5701-5704 [1940-1943] May their souls be bound up in the bond of life.

Bukashevitz Organization in Israel and the Diaspora

  Click here to read a detailed report on the murder of the Jews in the Stanislawow Region.  This report, written by German Holocaust scholar Dieter Pohl, appears on the website of the Shoah Resource Center of Yad Vashem. (Yad Vashem Studies, Vol. 26, 1998, pp. 239- 265, translated by William Temple)    

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