Bukachevtsy's Place in History

Below you will find historical references to Bukachevtsy in various sources

From the Deutscher Reichsanzeiger, German newspaper which appeared until April 1945 and acted as the official press organ of the state of Prussia and then the German Reich. 


Stanislau (Galizien), 5. September 1907. (W. T. B.) Gestern - atend 7 Uhr entgleisten zwischen den Stationen Bukaczowce und Zurawno neun Personenwagen, zwei Dienstwagen und ein Postwagen des von Stanislau nah Lemberg abgegangenen Per - sonenzuges. Zwei Personen wurden getötet, sechs er- litten Fand Lr LeBR nten, 95 Quetschungen. Die Ursache der ...

Stanislau (Galicia), September 1907. (W. T. B.) Yesterday - at 7 a.m., nine passenger cars, two company cars and a mail car derailed from the train departing from Stanislau near Lviv derailed between the Bukaczowce and Zurawno stations. Two people were killed, six were found and 95 were bruised. The cause of the ... (Google translation)


Reichanzeiger lists of Jews who were de-naturalized in Germany on the basis of Section 2 of the Act of Revocation of Naturalizations  and the Withdrawal of German Citizenship (July 14, 1933) state that the following persons have lost their German citizenship:


Holler, Josef Israel, born 25. X. 1898 in Bukaczowce

Holler, Rosalie Sara, born Walker, born 16. 16, 1899 in Przemysl,

Holler, Norbert Philipp Israel, born 12. 12, 1927 in Stettin,

Holler, Susi Sara, born 12. 4. 1930 in Stettin


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