Bukachevtsy Residents in the Holocaust

Bukachevtsy Natives who lived in Germany

Below you will find two lists of people born in Bukachevtsy who moved to Germany.  While we do not know the fates of all of them, we assume that they perished in the Holocaust.

Liste der jüdischen Einwohner in Deutschland im Zeitraum von 1933 bis 1945 (translates to List of Jewish Residents in Germany from 1933 to 1945

The following people, born in Bukachevtsy, are listed as residents of Germany from 1933 to 1945 on this list which was compiled by the Bundesarchiv (German Federal Archives). The list was presented to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC in February, 2009.

From a press release of the USHMM:

The list was compiled by the foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility, and Future” and the German Federal Archives. It contains information on the approximately 600,000 Jewish citizens in Germany when the Nazi Party came to power. It is the only such list available in North America and will be accessible through the Museum’s archives.

The list makes it possible for the first time to gain a nearly complete overview of the Jewish population in Germany before the Holocaust and is an important document for reconstructing Jewish history in Germany. The list was compiled in cooperation with the German Federal Archives and with the financial support of the German government

We do not know the certain fate of most of these Bukachevtsy natives.  But we have Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony for two.  Chuno Grosnas, son of Wolf Leib and Rosa, was married to Sheindel, lived in Lamberg, Westphalia, Germany (south of Hamburg) before the war and perished in Poland in 1942.  Nechemia Weissmann, son of Yehoshua and Leah, was married to Sheindel Heller, lived in Hamburg before the war and perished in Auschwitz.


Last Name

First Name

Date of Birth



20 July 1886

Bergstein Gottlieb 1 April 1891





Klara Weisberg

11 Oct 1866



24 January 1901



25 December 1888


The Gedenkbuch is a memorial or yiskor book for the Jews of Germany, listing almost 150,000 people.  For each victim, the book cites the last known place of residence in Germany, the birth date, the death date (if known) and circumstances of death.  

Zbaszyn, now known as Bentschen,  was a German-Polish border town.  In 1938 Germany deported over 17,000 Polish Jews to Zbaszyn but the Poles refused to allow them entry.  They stayed there in deplorable conditions for many months till the Polish government allowed them to enter the country.  There is more information on Bentschen on a site hosted by Yad Vashem and one hosted by HEART (Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team).

Gedenkbuch. Opfer der Verfolgung der Juden unter der national- sozialistischen Gewaltherrschaft in Deutschland 1933 - 1945; Bundesarchiv; Koblenz, 2006


Last Name First Name Maiden Name Date of Birth Living in Deported to Concentration Camp Date of Death Place of Death
Akselrad David   23-Sep-1886   Sachsenhausen 27-Feb-1940 Sachsenhausen
Alt Chaya  Siedler 9-May1888 Stettin      
Baumrind Benzion   2-Jun-1888   Bentschen (Zbaszyn)    probably Belzec
Berger Jacob   19-Jun-1884 Wolfenbüttel      
Berger Pepi   23-May-1899 Recklinghausen & Szczecin 1942-1943, Majdanek; 1944-1945, Auschwitz; 1945-19 Jun, Buchenwald    
Bergwerk Hilda  Dickman 3-Jun-1876 Herne 29 Jul 1942, Theresienstadt ghetto; 23 Sep 1942, Treblinka    
Dickmann Chaim   17-Jun-1890 Stettin      
Dickmann Hersch   22-Jan-1899 Stettin      
Dickmann Minna  Lieder 4-Feb-1891 Stettin      
Dickmann Minna  Holler 14-Apr-1892 Stettin      
Holler Abraham   3-Jun-1884 Osnabruck, Essen, Saarbrucken 1940, Sachsenhausen    
Holler Abraham Hersch   16-May-1881 Mainz 1943, Auschwitz 14-Sep-1943  
Lerner Golde   18-Jan-1906 Remschied 1942, Auschwitz 26-Sep-1942  
Lichtigfeld Jacob   28-Feb-1928 Dusseldorf 27 Oct 1941, Lodz Ghetto 28-Mar-1942  
Lieder Betty   24-Mar-1884 Szczecin 12 Feb 1940, Piaski, Ghetto    
Lieder Josef   11-Jul-1881 Szczecin 12 Feb 1940, Piaski, Ghetto 21-Apr-1940 Lublin, Ghetto
Lieder Rosa  Nagelberg 2-Jan-1889 Szczecin 12 Feb 1940, Piaski, Ghetto    
Messing Dina Holler 6-Nov-1896 Leipzig 1941, Tarnow Ghetto    
Nagelberg Ben Zion   20-Dec-1904 Stettin      
Nagelberg Frieda  Holler 23-Sep-1900 Hamburg 28 Oct 1938 Bentschen (Zbaszyn)    
Nagelberg Isaak   17-Feb-1893 Hamburg 28 Oct 1938 Bentschen (Zbaszyn)    
Schreier Selig   15-Oct-1889 Berlin 28 Oct 1938 Bentschen (Zbaszyn)    
Weissmann Jozef   1-Jan-1867 Hamburg Summer 1939, Bentschen (Zbaszyn)     
Weissmann Nechemia   25-Dec-1888 Hamburg Summer 1939, Bentschen (Zbaszyn)    


bullet Josef Lieder was the son of Natan and Yehudit and was married to Rosa Nagelberg.
bulletIsaak Nagelberg, also known as Isidor, was the son of Joel and Chana, and was married to Frieda Holler.  He returned to Bukachevtsy from Zbaszyn and was killed there.
bulletFrieda Holler Nagelberg, was the daughter of Eli and Chaya, and was married to Isidor Nagelberg.  She returned to Bukachevtsy from Zbaszyn and was killed there.
bulletJozef (Yossel) Weisman was born in 1878, the son of Yehoshua and Leah, and was married to Rachel.  He returned to Bukachevtsy from Zbaszyn and was killed there.

German Minority Census, 1939

Tracing the Past, a non-profit organization dedicated to the research and memorialization of the Holocaust, has put a searchable version of the German Minority Census on-line.  There is a great deal of useful information on those Bukachevtsy people who lived in Germany in 1939.

The German government conducted a census in May 1939 (including annexed Austria and the Sudetenland) that required the head of each household to fill out a card which indicated the Jewish background of each of the resident's four grandparents. By 1942, the cards of households with one or more residents with a Jewish grandparent marked on their card, the so-called "Minority Census," were collected and and sent to the Reich Genealogy Office.

By the 1990s the cards were in the custody of the German Federal Archives. The cards are about 87% complete, lacking only for Thüringen, the Rhine Province, the districts of Erfurt and Minden, and several districts of Bavaria. Many of the districts included are areas that are now part of Poland (such as Silesia and Pomerania) and Russia (Königsberg / Kaliningrad).

Microfilm copies of of the supplementary cards of the German "Minority Census" of 1939 are publicly available in the United States at the Family History Library of Salt Lake City, Utah; the Leo Baeck Institute in New York and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC; and a copy of the census is in Israel at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.

The database contains the names of all of the people who lived in the household where one or more people had at least one Jewish grandparent. This means that there are also a number of non-Jewish individuals in the database, making it source material for finding more biographical information on non-Jewish spouses.

Of the approximately 410,000 original entries, about 275,000 (or around 67%) of the "Minority Census" are available online, searchable by family name, first name, maiden name if applicable, birth date, birth place, street address and city.

Family Name First Name Maiden Name Date of Birth Place of Birth Address in Germany City in Germany
Akselrad David    20.07.1886  Bukaczowce Johanniterstr. 31II. Würzburg / Bayern
Berger  Jacob    19.06.1884  Bukaczowce Grosser Zimmerhof 21 Wolfenbuttel
Bergwerk Hilde Dickmann 03.06.1876 Bukaczowce Schulstrasse 69 Herne
Brüll Rosa Brull 15.07.1857 Bukaczowce Hauptstrasse 8 Lichtenberg/Berlin
Guttmann Ella Dickmann 16.04.1893 Bukaczowce Stoltingstrasse 9 Stettin
Guttmann Mendel  


16.01.1890 Bukaczowce Stoltingstrasse 9 Stettin
Haller Abraham   03.06.1884 Bukaczowce Kollegienwall 2 a Osnabruck
Holler Abraham   16.05.1881 Bukaczowce Grosse Emmeranstrasse 39 Mainz
Lieder Josef   11.07.1881 Bukaczowce Barnimstrasse 62 Stettin
Lieder Rosa    02.01.1889 Bukaczowce Barnimstrasse 62 Stettin
Wachtel Toni Akselrad 23.10.1882 Bukaczowce Rosengasse 1 Wurzburg

Additional information from Bukachevtsy vital records

bulletAbraham Hersch Holler was the son of Brane Holler and Cudek (sic) Schwartz, both from Bukachevtsy
bulletBenzion Baumrind is listed as the son of Chaya Baumrind of Bukachevtsy, no father listed (His father was Benjamin Mandel. Benzion,  and along with his wife Chaya and son Benjamin, returned to Bukachevtsy and they were all killed there.  This information came from Solomon Mandel, a survivor, who remembered these events. Solomon's grandfather Meshulum Zalman was a brother of Benjamin.)  
bulletDavid (David Mechel) Akselrad (Axelrad) was the son of Chana Lieder and Yossel Axelrad, both from Bukachevtsy
bulletElla Dickmann Guttman is listed as the daughter of Berish and Sosie Dickmann

JewishGen Holocaust Database

You can find Bukachevtsy natives listed on five different databases included on the JewishGen Holocaust Database. A list of the five databases, with links, follows.  You can learn more about each database and what it includes, by reading the detailed descriptions on Jewishgen.com. The table below provides the basic information from each database.  The amount of information on each database varies, some contain more extensive information.  Be sure to do your own search on the Holocaust Database so as to obtain the maximum information.

APP - Auschwitz Prisoners Photos, 1941-1942

NBJ - North Bavarian Jews

PMQ - Polish Medical Questionnaires

SHP - Sharit haPlatah

WJ - Westphalian Jews

DHV - Dortmund Holocaust Victims

RVC - Revoked German Citizenship and Property Seizures, 1933-1945


Last Name First Name POB DOB Residence Database
Akselrad David Bukaczowce 20-Jul-1886 Wurzburg NBJ
Wachtel Chaje Bukaczowce 24-Oct-1882 Wurzburg NBJ
Schechter Barbara Bukaczowce 1941 Fohrenwald SHP
Tauber-Hochman Franka Bukaczowce 1910 Schweden SHP
Hammer Felicie Julie Bukaczowce 7-Dec-1894 Kolomea PMQ
Kleiner Szymon Bukaczowce 22-Aug-1882   APP
Berger Pepi Lieder Bukaczowce 23-May-1899 Recklinghausen WJ
Baumrind Benno Bukaczowce 2-Jun-18881 Dortmund DHV
 Cinder/Zunder Moses Bukaczowce 29-Dec-1883 Landsberg RVC
Guttmann Mendel Bukaczowce 16-Jan-1890 Stettin RVC
Holler Josef Bukaczowce 25-Jan-1898   RVC


Le Mémorial de la Déportation des Juifs de France


The information below is from an online database of the "Memorial to the Jews Deported from France", available at https://stevemorse.org/france .  This valuable search engine provides access to information on the fate of the 78,000 Jews who were either deported from France or who died in camps in France under the Nazi occupation and the Vichy regime.  A search on Bukaczowce gave us this sad information.

Surname Given Name Age Date of birth Place of birth Place of birth former/other/nearby name Place of birth in 2012 Memorial Address Internment/Transit Camp Convoy Number Date of convoy
SCHARF Bertha 19 21-Nov-22 Bukachevtsy, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine Bukaczowce Bukarzowice Venant du camp d'internement, Gurs (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) Rivesaltes 33 16-Sep-42

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