Bukachevtsy Natives on the Project Heart Database

The following Bukachevtsy natives are listed in the
Project Heart database.  This is the work of Holocaust Era Asset Restitution Taskforce, operated by the government of Israel.  Its purpose is to find  eligible persons, Jewish Holocaust victims and their heirs worldwide, who or whose families owned personal property that was confiscated, looted, or forcibly sold in countries governed or occupied by the Nazi forces or Axis powers during the Holocaust era.

Name Nee City District Country Date of Birth Place of Birth  Date Property Documented Date Confiscation
AKSELRAD, David   Wurzberg   Germany Jul 20, 1886 Bukaczowce 1939 1939-1944
BERGER, Jacob    Wolfenbuttel    Germany Jun 19, 1884 Bukaczowce 1939 1939-1944
BERGWERK, Hilde Dickmann Herne    Germany Jun 3, 1876    1939 1939-1944
BREDER, Isak    Bukaczowce Galicia Poland       1891   
BRODER, Josef    Bukaczowce Galicia Poland       1891   
BRULL, Rosa    Lichtenberg    Germany Jul 15, 1857 Bukaczowce 1939 1939-1944
GUTTMANN, Ella Dickmann Stettin    Germany Apr 16, 1893 Bukaczowce 1939 1939-1944
GUTTMANN,  Mendel    Stettin    Germany Jan 16, 1890 Bukaczowce 1939 1939-1944
HALLER, Abraham    Osnabruck    Germany Jun 3, 1884 Bukaczowce 1939 1939-1944
HERZMANN, J    Bukaczowce Galicia Poland       1891   
HERZMANN, J    Bukaczowce Galicia Poland            
HOLLER, Abrah    Mainz    Germany May 16, 1881    1939 1939-1944
LIEDER, Josef    Stettin    Germany Jul 11, 1881 Bukaczowce 1939 1939-1944
LIEDER, Rosa    Stettin    Germany Jan 2, 1889 Bukaczowce 1939 1939-1944
MONDLICHT, L    Bukaczowce Galicia Poland       1891   
SCHONFELD,   David    Bukaczowce Galicia Poland       1891   
SCHORR, Alex    Bukaczowce Galicia Poland            
WACHTEL, Toni Akselrad Wurzburg    Germany Oct 23, 1882 Bukaczowce 1939 1939-1944
Wein, Philipp    Vienna    Austria Feb 2, 1878 Bukaczowce      
WEISBERG, Leib    Bukaczowce Galicia Poland       1891   

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