Pinkas of the Chevra Kadisha 


Portions of the Pinkas of the Chevra Kadisha of Bukachevtsy from about 250 years ago (mid 18th century) are in the Hebrew University National Library.  It is in poor condition but has been microfilmed.  Experts have said that the handwriting is extremely difficult to read and so declined to translate it.  However, fellow Bukachevtsy descendant Jay Zitter has been devoting much time and effort to doing this and below you will see the beginning of his work.

Sample page

From Jay:  "Well, Ive had great success translating one page of the Pinkas Chevra Kadisha. This is the one which has the list of names sideways. The two-line heading is in flowery Aramaic, suitable for such an enterprise. My rough translation is (line 1) 'The undersigned of the chevra kadisha of the chosen (people) who gather in holiness (line 2) wise ones learned in Torah who accept the obligations of this holy scroll.'

Moshe b. Chaim

Avraham b. Yekutiel

Eliezer  b. Meir (Katz?)

Yoseph b. Yehuda

Nosan b. Yehuda Leib

Mordechai b. Noach (or nachman)

Moshe b. Yaakov

Avraham b. Zev Wolf

Yitzchak b. Tzvi Hirtz

Natan b. Reuven Segal

Avraham b. Tzvi Hirsh

Yaakov b. Moshe

Aaron b. Asher

Boruch b. Yissachar Ber

Yissachar Ber b. Moshe

Meir b. Avraham

David b. Yaakov

Chaim b. Moshe

Yehuda Leib b. (Mordecai ?)

Asher Zelig b. Dov

Noach (Cohen?) b. Moshe

Moshe b. Tzvi Hirsh

Tzvi Hirsh b. Dovid

Moshe b. Noach

Chaim b. Yissachar Ber

Yehuda Leib b. Moshe

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