Polish Business Directory - 1930

The listing below, written in both Polish and French is from the 1930 Polish Business Directory. It lists the names of the proprietors of the various businesses under the type of business.  For example, B. and J. Mandel are listed as butchers and meat dealers.

Read Tomasz Kizny's comments on some of the people in the Directory

J Schiffer
had a grocery in the corner of the market place. Kizny’s family used to shop in his store. Uncle Zygmunt remembered glass containers filled with candies which used to stay on the counter. He also remember that Shiffer sometimes gave him thin long candies (like sticks) for free. At Christmas time our grandmother Helena Kizny bought carp fish for a traditional dish.  



Visiting Bukaczowce last year we tried to locate Shiffer’s shop and most probably this is the building

The next name in  the business directory that  we know is Willig. He was  a neighbor of Blitz and Antoni, the brother of grandmother Helena, was renting a room in Willig’s house after he had quarreled with Helena . This is a beautiful house but falling in neglect. We photographed it last year.

             Willig House

The next name Jampel H. was Blitz's neighbor (the house to the left of Blitz’s house). He had a licenced restaurant and the next house was also inhabited by Jampel family, who were tailors. The were very poor and had  two daughters Ela and Rozia, with whom Zygmunt (Tomasz' uncle) used to spend time quite often. They were very friendly, warm people who have till now the cordial place in the memory of our family. This is due to the fact that despite of poverty and hard war times Ela (Elizabeth) Jampel send a food parcel to Kazakhstan where grandmother Helena, Uncle Zygmunt and great grandfather Tomasz were deported by Soviets in 1940. 



We photographed the place but we are not sure if it is this house were Jampels lived or a new one built in its place.

And eventually J. Padwe (the next house to the left of Jampel’s house). The half of this house was the Bukaczowce’s police post where grandfather Izydor served as a constable.
Special thanks to Tomasz Kizny for sharing his recollections and those of his Uncle Zygmunt as well as his photographs.

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