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Won't you share your Bukachevtsy related family photographs with us?  They provide a slice of life from Bukachevtsy that would otherwise be lost to us forever.

This wonderful photograph shows a meeting of Betar, the Zionist youth movement, probably in the late 1930's.  Sol Mandel, number 13 in this photo, has been able to identify several of the others in the photo.  Please
let us know if you can identify any others.

3 - Sala Mandel; 5 - Sister of David Messing; 6 - David Messing; 9 - Musia Erenbad; 13 - Solomon Mandel; 18 - Hinda Mandel; 20 - Aron Kuper; 21 - Sala Holler: 23 - Calel Drach ?? (possibly identified by his niece Batia Drach Dayan); 25 - Sam Borak (Shlomo, identified by his son Barry)

This photo was donated by Rosalie Lawrence and Ruth Holler Smith, daughters of Sala Holler.

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