Bukachevtsy Survivors

Solomon Mandel z"l, who survived the Holocaust by hiding in the woods outside of Bukachevtsy, recently sat down and created this list of people that he believes survived the Holocaust.  Others were located in the Displaced Persons Camp records on file with JDC (American Joint Distribution Committee). Please contact your webmaster if you know of more people to add to this list or can provide more information about those on it.


Nusia Klinghoffer (born Chana Scheiner in Bukachevtsy in 1931) is the daughter of Tuvia Scheiner and Sima Wieselberg Scheiner.  Here she is standing in front of the Selvino Children's Home in Selvino, Italy.  Her parents and younger sister were killed and she was sent to Mauthausen.  She survived and after liberation went to Italy and eventually to the U.S., where she had aunts and uncles.  To see more, read the details on the site of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.


Surname Given Name Relationship Others Others Others Notes 1 Notes 2
Blei Yossel         killed by Ukrainians  
Blitz Berta wife of Joseph          
Blitz Cipora daughter of Joseph          
Blitz Joseph husband          
Blitz Avi son of Joseph          
Borak Pepi          Diamant per Barry Borak
Borak Zelig (Sam)           per Barry Borak
David Bronia            
Dickman Jacob son          
Dickman Mendel father          
Drach Herman son of Sender          
Drach Mania wife of Zalel          
Drach Sender            
Drach Siunek son of Zalel          
Drach Szaindel daughter of Sender          
Drach Yoel son of Zalel          
Drach Zalel son of Sender        carpenter  
Evenberg Balcia wife        from Burstyn  
Evenberg Israel husband       from Burstyn  
Feldbaum Bunche         from Burstyn  
Fishman Aron         brother-in-law Aron Lustig killed on front, Russian Army
Fishman Hersch         from Burstyn  
Friedman Herman         From JDC DP camp records  
Friedman Josef         From JDC DP camp records  
Friedman Klara         From JDC DP camp records born 1910
Gewanter Leon            
Gewanter   husband wife        
Glatzer Ester daughter of Jacob       from Burstyn  
Glatzer Jacob husband wife     from Burstyn  
Goldenberg Jacob            
Goldenberg Max            
Grossnas Shmuel         killed on front, Russian Army  
Gruber Eber         From JDC DP camp records born 1883
Gruber Rosa         From JDC DP camp records  
Gruber Taube         From JDC DP camp records  
Gruber Thomas         From JDC DP camp records  
Gruber Wilhelm         From JDC DP camp records  
Grus Tauba            
Haber Berel            
Jupiter Hersch brother of Yussi          
Jupiter Yussi brother of Hersch            
Kasten Bendit            
Kasten Yossel   wife child child     
Klorecks   wife       husband killed by Ukrainians right before liberation  
Kuper Tonia sister          
Kuper Aron (Uchie)         brother of Zelig Kuper  
Lerner Josef            
Lustig Aron         brother-in-law Aron Fishman  
Mandel Joel (Zincha) father          
Mandel Solomon son of Joel          
Mandel Solomon son of Benjamin       nephew of Joel  
Messing Motel         killed by Ukrainians  
Nagelberg Shimon         killed by Ukrainians in Rohatyn  
Rabiner Abram         From JDC DP camp records born 1907
Ribler Ester wife of Zelig daughter     daughter born in hiding in forest  
Ribler Zelig husband          
Rocher Sala daughter sister sister   from Burstyn  
Rocher   father       from Burstyn  
Rothfeld Antonie         From JDC DP camp records  
Rothfeld Stanislaus         From JDC DP camp records born 1897
Scheiner Chana daughter of Tuvia       aka Nusia Klinghoffer  
Shankler Oscar            
Shiffer David brother       went to Germany after the war  
Shiffer Itzhak  brother of David       went to Germany after the war  

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