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Rēzekne Families Stories and Pictures


This material was submitted by
Mark Schneider

My grandmother, Devora Brosgol, was born in Resekne in 1900. Her father's family (Brosgol) were from Resekne while her mother's family (Zivian) were from Resekne and Preili.

This material was contributed by Zvika:

Here is information from my "Names Project" for my Mother's family Rivka (nee Zivian) from Rezekne . It seems that my grandfather's family was from Dvinsk, and in the year 1858 most of the family lived in Kreuzberg. These are examples of files that were found on Christine Usdines wonderful LISTS.

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Family members today:

Vladislav Zivian lives in Holland. He sent me a copy of a thrilling letter that his father the doctor Honah Zivian received from Gregory after the WAR. . Gregory/Zvi succeeded in hiding in Riga and it is a miracle that he survived. Honeh was in Russia when the WAR broke out, and therefore survived. Most of the family was murdered in Latvia. Vadislav received copies of information and photographs from the Lithuanian archives. The son of Esther nd Vailia-Mordechai Zivian was a director of a bank in Lithuania.

Alexander Zivian lives in Israel and is a Doctor of Orology in Wolfson hospital.

Yehuda Zivian lives in Beni-Brak , Israel, and has a big family.

Shimon Zivian and his family live in the USA. He is a dentist. Children: Ralph, Marlena Rogers. Professor Yuri Zivian (specializes in the history of Russian movies. His father Gabriel managed to escape to Switzerland during the Holocaust.

Leah Gross lives in Moscow. She has a"Family Tree" on the Internet. About a year ago she requested information from the Archives of Belarus. There is a possibility of receiving information about the Vitebsk are (includes Rezekne) from the year 1874.

I have copies of the documents from the Historical Archives in Riga (1858-1909). I do not have all the details about my grandfather Moshe (the son of Hirsch) Zivian.

The four lines above (Hanna ,etc) are about my line of the family. Only my mother survived the Holocaust. She came to Israel in 1934.

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