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B'ne Resitza Association, Inc.
New York Based Burial Association

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Judy Simon

Photos of Headstones in the NY Cemetery

B'ne Rezitza or B'nai Rezhitza was founded in New York City in 1893 to provide a place of worship, self-help, interest free loans, burial and Kadish prayers for their members. It later incorporated in 1935. The group made an annual contribution to the Matzoth Fund in Rezitza. B'ne Rezitza was for the benefit of Jewish immigrants from the Rezitza, Russia now known as Rezekne, Latvia.

Their initial burials were in Mt. Zion Cemetery. Later they used the Mount Lebanon cemetery. They later purchased ground at the Degel Ho-Rabonim Cemetery.

1935 Constitution Committee was made up of
J. Held, Chairman; J.S. Shapiro, Counsel;
S.I. Rubin, Editor and A. Basin, I. Kirschner, M. Maltinsky,
A. Shapiro, Ab. Shapiro, D. Lampert, H. Goldblatt, E. Rosenberg,
D. Gudowitz, B. Cohen, D. M. Kirschner, and A. Mednitzky

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B'ne Rezitza Burial Society New York
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