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Rēzekne World War II Photographs

Rezekne was heavily damaged during the war.

German POW march through Rēzekne 1940s and Soviet Air Bombing

Rēzekne was heavily damaged by both Nazi and Soviet armies during World War II; after heavy air-bombing by Soviet forces in 1944, 2/3 of its original buildings were completely destroyed. Out of a pre-war population of 13,300, only 5,000 people remained in the city at the end of the war. Rēzekne was rebuilt after the war with an emphasis on industrial development. Rēzekne had the 5th highest industrial output in the Latvian SSR, including a dairy processor, lumber mill, and electric-instrument factory. During this time, many Russians moved to the city, making up a large part of the population (48.5% in 2007).

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WW II 02
Damage from Soviet Bombing
WW II 03
More Bombing Distruction and people dislocation
WW II 04
Lost Homes and Dislocated Families
WW II 05
This may be a Flood scene from 1951 event.
WW II 06
Effects of Soviet air attacks
WW II 07
Soviet Bombing Devastation 1944
WW II 09
The Nazi's murdered 18,000 Soviet Soldiers in Rezekne in 1941
WW II 10
Red Army July - Oct, 1944
WW II 11
Teachers Institute 1944-45
WW II 08
German POW March