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Rezekne Jewish Cemetery

The Approximate Address of the Cemetery is
A. Upisa iela 92 - 94, Rezekne, Rezeknes pilseta LV-4601, Latvia
Lat 56.486126 degrees north, Long 27.332467 degrees east.
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The great majority of the photographs were taken by Christine Usdine in 2009. She passed away in 2013 and these photos are posted here as a tribute to her. She arranged for the transalations of the tombstones with translations. The names of the translators are given. Click on her name below her photo to read our dedication of this website to her memory.

Christine Usdin
Christine Usdin

Some of the photos were taken by Dave Howard October 31, 2003. It was colder and there were no leaves on the trees. His guide, Aleksandrs Feigmanis was with him.

The translated headstones below are all in the JOWBR Database at JewishGen

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Street Entrance Jewish Cemetery
Modern view from street of entrance to Jewish Cemetery in Rezekne.
usdin 154
Holocaust Memorial
usdin 004
Wall Around Cemetery
usdin 076
And down the hill, on the field, there is a lonely stone....
usdin 077
A memorial tombstone, engraved in our hearts. Tears are shed from our eyes; for our children, wives and elders; and for the Rabbis of our congregation, that were preyed and burned by the bestial f a s c i s t s. [last lines unread] The holocaust in Rezekne Translation by Amram Eshel
usdin 078
Memorial to Mass Burial Site of Holocaust Murders Flowers and candles...
usdin 006
View Near Modern Entrance
usdin 007
View Near Modern Entrance
Cemetery view 01
Other Side of Ravine
Cemetery View
Dave Howard standing in front of old gate in 2003.
new gate
New Gate: Top half circle: To be remembered forever
Next: Contribution or RebYa'akov Leib and his wife Feige Grons
Next (straight line) founded (inside Jewish Star5693 = year 1933) in Shvat (Jewish month= about February) Gate installed by modern Jewish Community.
Cemetery View
The view out the old gate, that ubiquitous cathedral.
Cemetery View 04
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
A Few Headstones
Cemetery View
A Few Headstones
usdin 153
SANDLER, son of Semen
Cemetery View
A Few Headstones
Cemetery View
A Few Headstones
Cemetery View
A Few Headstones
Cemetery View
A Few Headstones
Cemetery View
A Few Headstones
Cemetery View
A Few Headstones
Cemetery View
A Few Headstones
usdin 010
Cemetery View
usdin 011
Cemetery View
usdin 012
Cemetery View
usdin 013
Newer Tomb
usdin 015
Cemetery View
usdin 016
Oleg KETSHEDZHI, son of Ivan 1925- 2003 No religious signs on the headstone, but according to the names, this man was Christian.
usdin 018
Cemetery View
usdin 022
Ilya REZNIKOV, son of Yakov
usdin 024
Rakhil REZNIKOVA, daughter of Isaak.
usdin 025
Cemetery View
usdin 026
Cemetery View
usdin 027
Cemetery View
usdin 029
usdin 038
Cemetery View
usdin 146
Cemetery View
usdin 147
PLINER, son of Savel. Died in 1976
usdin 148
Cemetery View
usdin 150
Cemetery View
usdin 151
LEIZEROVICH 1922- 1993
usdin 138
usdin 041
To my dear father and sisters, who were murdered in 1941 in Kaunat Itze- Velve HIRSH, son of Zvulun Yekhudis HIRSH Menukha HIRSH
usdin 047
Raisa PLINER, daughter of Trofim 1872- 15/04/1957
usdin 050
Within the Star of David are the two letters which refer to "Here lies". It is followed by the first line which contains the name, Etel/Ethel Bas/(daughter of) Mikael/Michael TSHERNOBRAUDA Translation by Jo Seligman and Amram Eshel
usdin 145
Khasia PAVLOVA, daughter of David 1 February 1923 - 16 September 2005 To my dear mother From your daughter
usdin 096
Beila BUL, daughter of Rakhmil 1912- 1966 From daughter tomb in the back on the right: Lea GARBER, daughter of Grigori
usdin 129
Cemetery View
usdin 053
usdin 055
David LEVIN, son of Alexander 15/03/1903- 19/04/1975 From wife, children and grandchildren
usdin 056
usdin 057
usdin 059
Died in 1975
usdin 061
Khasia PAVLOVA, daughter of David 1/02/1923- 16/09/2005 To my dear mother from daughter
usdin 062
Khana HIRSHSOHN, daughter of Shlemo
usdin 063
usdin 065
usdin 070
left: Khaim WEISSMAN, son of Leib 8/07/1935- 2005 right: Dina WEISSMAN 1938- 11/11/2001
usdin 072
Tzila MOVEL ( DONDE) 03/02/1926- 22/10/2007 From son, daughter in law and grandchildren
usdin 073
Anatoli MOVEL 19/11/1920- 26/01/1999 From wife, son and grandchildren
usdin 074
Anna BUMAKOVA (DONDE) 1931-2002 From siblings
usdin 075
Evgueni KUZNETZOV, son of Anatoli 7/05/1950- 2004
usdin 080
? SAPOZHNIKOVA, daughter of David Died in 1977
usdin 089
usdin 094
Cemetery View
usdin 095
Peya ROZEN....., daughter of Leib
usdin 110
Cemetery View
usdin 108
Kreina TSHERFAS Died in 1937 From children, grandchildren and Ggrandchildren
usdin 125
usdin 001
usdin 002
Monument - No Translation Yet
usdin 003
usdin 008
Khava SHATZ, daughter of David. 25/12/1926- 19/11/2007 In our hearts, you are still alive
usdin 009
Isak SUKHOBOKOV, son of Leon 1922- 1997
usdin 014
Elias GELBART, son of David 1901- 1960
usdin 017
Vera LEVINA, daughter of Lazar 26/12/1919- 2001
usdin 019
Mozes FRUMKIN, son of Lev
usdin 020
Tatiana ORLOVA 14/09/1917- 18/O3/2006 An orthodox tomb
usdin 021
Mikhail DELMAN, son of Zalman 1937- 1994
usdin 023
usdin 028
Newer Headstone
usdin 030
usdin 031
Yankel STEKLOV, son of Nathan
usdin 032
Newer Tomb
usdin 033
usdin 034
Yasha(?) STEKLOV, son of Yakov Died on 2/10/1988
usdin 035
Tava KUNST 1884- 1934
usdin 036
The stone is for a woman, the name looks like Fava Frida or Fava Frenda TZARPAT. Died 28 Cheshvan 5698.( Tuesday, November 2, 1937) Translation by David Rosen And by Avraham Malthete in French: Pas facile à lire, mais on peut lire quand même : 1) Ici repose 2) la femme considérée 3) réservée dans ses actions, 4) une Eshet 'Haïl (une femme de valeur) 5) Pessa-Frouah 6) Tsarfat 7) fille de ......................... 8) décédée en bon renom 9) le 28 (ou le 25) 10) du mois de Mar'heshvan 11) de l'année 698 (ou 695). Que son âme soit liée au faisceau des vivants. Ce qui donnerait plusieurs possibilités de date de décès: 28 Mar'heshvan 698 = mardi 2/11/1937 25 Mar'heshvan 698 = samedi 30/10/1937 28 Mar'heshvan 695 = mardi 6/11/1934 25 Mar'heshvan 695 = samedi 3/11/1934 mais c'est le première proposition qui me parait la plus plausible.
usdin 037
usdin 039
Here lies honest man Eliezer Moshe son of Tzvi Hirsch YAVITZ, died 20 Sivan year .... (The rest is covered with dust) Tranlation by Zvi Henryk Welgreen
usdin 040
To my dear father and sisters, who were murdered in 1941 in Kaunat Itze- Velve HIRSH, son of Zvulun Yekhudis HIRSH Menukha HIRSH The headstone in front: The name appears to be Sarah Leah HIRSH, died the 6th or 7th day of the Hebrew month of Iyar... Translation by Jo Seligman and the translation in french by Avraham Malthete: Devant : Sarah-Léah HIRSH, 6 Iyar (peut-être 664; jeudi 21/4/1904). Derrière, cachés par l'herbe (!!!)également des Hirsch, décédés en camp de concentration Ishe-Velve,fils de Zevouloun Hirsch; Yehudith (Judith) Hirsch; et le troisième est caché par l'herbe.
usdin 042
Cemetery View
usdin 043
Mania ZIMMERMAN, daughter of Abram 1907- 1978
usdin 044
Naum LIFSHITZ, son of Lazar 4/11/1898- 13/03/1967 We remember you. You will always live in our hearts. Wife, children and siblings (According to the births records of Rezekne, that I have translated, Lazar was the son of Rafael- David and married to Gela, daughter of Movsha)
usdin 045
Tzilia BROZGAL,daughter of Lev 1908- 1983 From children and grandchildren
usdin 046
usdin 048
A Few Headstones
usdin 049
Yosif LIN or DIN(?), son of Benjamin
usdin 051
Rakhil LEVIN, daughter of Lazer 1900- 1920 From brother
usdin 052
Pinkhos NAGLIS (NAGLI), son of Moisey Died in 1992
usdin 054
usdin 058
LUFT A woman's tomb
usdin 060
D. Z LUFT 1901- 1971 From wife, children and grandchildren (According to the births records of Rezekne, that I have translated, it is the tomb of David - Mordukh, son of Zalman- Abba Khaimovoch from Novo- Aleksandrovsk and Toiba, daughter of Shlemo. He was born on January 4, 1900)
usdin 064
usdin 066
usdin 067
Bella ROZINSKAYA, daughter of Naum October1923- April 1990
usdin 068
Abram KUSIN, son of Leib 1928- 1994
usdin 069
Pesia BREIDO 1935- 2001
usdin 071
Lina ILINST ?, daughter of Berko 28/06/1911- 10/03/2001
usdin 079
Eternal remembrance to my Parents- Basia and Movshe Sisters- Mina and Khaika My brothers: Abrema and Leib victims of the holocaust in Berditshev
usdin 081
Grigori SAPOZHNIKOV, son of Semen 1936- 1998
usdin 082
usdin 083
Rokha GUREVICH, daughter of Mordukh 1893- 1977
usdin 084
left: Zaya TSHERFAS, daughter of Rakhmil 15/05/1900-18/07/1979 From husband, children and grandchildren right: Zavel TSHERFAS, son of Berko
usdin 085
Izrail BRESLAV, son of Rafail 1/10/1899- 28/01/1976 From wife, children, grandchildren, brother (According to the births records of Rezekne, that I have translated, Izrael Breslav was born to Rafail, son of Leizer and Basa, daughter of Zelik on October 19, 1899)
usdin 086
Leizer LEVIN, son of Izrail 2/03/1908- 19/01/1976 From wife, children and grandchildren
usdin 087
Sheina SUKHOBOKOVA, daughter of David 1892- 1975 From children tomb in the back: Mera ZLOTINA, daughter of Salomon
usdin 088
Ruvin TSHERFAS, son of Berko 1894- 1976
usdin 090
Peya BELOIS, daughter of Meier 1900- 1975
usdin 091
usdin 092
usdin 093
Eta KUKLA, daughter of Leib 15/11/1911- 5/11/1971
usdin 097
usdin 098
Benjamin SAPOZHNIKOV, son of Leib 1913- 1970 From siblings
usdin 099
tomb in the back: Lea NAGLI, daughter of Izrail 1905- 1988
usdin 100
Liubov TAITZ, daughter of Isai
usdin 101
Baseva SANDLER, daughter of Rakhmil 1914- 1966 To our dear mother from children
usdin 102
Possibly: Manesh son of Yitzhak. Translation David Rosen
usdin 103
... son of Dov BARANOVITZ ... Translation by Amram Eshel 1) Un homme droit, 2)Yehudah-Leib, 3) fils de Dov 4)BARANOVITZ, 5) décédé le 4 Heshvan 6) de l'année 700 (= mardi 17/10/1939). Que son âme soit liée au faisceau de la Vie. Translation in French by Avraham Malthete
usdin 104
Here lies our dear father Rafael son of .... of blessed memory Zlatin Year may be 5696 Translation David Rosen 1) Ici repose 2) notre cher père 3) Raphaël, 4) fils de Zundel, de mémoire bénie, 5) décédé le 10 Nissan de l'année 6) 626 (pas sûr). Que son âme soit liée au faisceau de la Vie. Si la date est bonne : 10 Nissan 626 = lundi 26 mars 1866 Translation Avraham Malthete
usdin 105
1) Ici repose 2) notre cher père, 3) notre maître et rabbin 'Haïm-Aharon, 4) fils de Moïse-Dov 5) NAGLI (c'est le nom d'un village qui se trouve au nord de Daugavpils; variantes : Naglya, Nagel), 6) décédé le 6 Kislev 7) 695. Que son âme soit liée au faisceau de la Vie. 6 Kislev 695 = mardi 13 novembre 1934. Translation Avraham Malthete
usdin 106
Chaim Moshe son of Yakov and the year 5695 or 5698.
usdin 107
Extremely challenging due the picture angel, the letters and the bush... here is my partial view: Pei-Nun [Here Buried] R Gershon ?L? Son of Yekutiel Lik?? Died He Adar Alef (hard to tell the year - the bush...) TNZBH [May his soul...] Translation by Ofer Biran
usdin 109
usdin 111
Our dear and modest mother Hinda Devora daughter of Mord'chai of blessed memory Surname and date obscured by vegetation. David Rosen
usdin 112
Here lies our dear father Shmuel Yitzhak Remaining information is not legible enough to read. David Rosen
usdin 113
usdin 114
usdin 115
usdin 116
usdin 117
usdin 118
Line 1: Appears to begin with "mother"; perhaps something like "Our dear mother" + other text that is too indistinct to read. Basya JAFFA, daughter of reb Dhaim- Nachman Died 9 Kislev 5684 ( 16/17 November 1923) May her soul be bond up in the bond of everlasting life. Translation by Todd A. Halpern
usdin 119
Mourning eulogy for the death of our delicate mother; crowned with attributes of nobility. Mrs Rachel, wife of Naftali TEITZ. Gone to her rest,1st (or 2nd) day of Kislev, year 5695. ( Thursday, November 8 or Friday November 9, 1934) Lemantations will be made by your offsprinfs, as a memorial to the grace of your name. Translation by Amram Eshel
usdin 112
Here lies our dear mother Mrs. Rina, daughter of Mr. Hayim Yitzchok LEVIN, the Cohayn (priest) Died the 4th day in the month of Menachem Av (older way of referring to the month of Av) In the year 5694.( Monday, July 16, 1934) May her soul be bound up for life eternal (5-letter acronym) Translation by Douglas M Cohen
1) Ici repose notre chère mère
2) Dame Reïna,,br /> 3) fille de Reb Haïm-Isaac
4) Lewin HaCohen,
5) décédée le 4
6) du mois de Menahem-Av
7) de l'année 694. Que son âme soit liée au faisceau de la Vie.
4 Av 694 = lundi 17/07 1934. Translation in French by Avraham Malthete
usdin 122
Here Lies (two-letter acronym in the circle at the top) A wise and [word covered by leaves] man Aharon Ze'ev, son of Mr. Moshe Dov Yinglie (?) -- this is the last name Died 1st of Elul 5676. May his soul be bound up for life eternal (5-letter acronym) Translation by Douglas M Cohen Just another interpretation, and only a possibility, for the line under the Hebrew name. It might possibly be Nagle or Nagli(just an educated guess, as some of the letters are covered by the grass and two of the letters could be quotation marks) Added by Jo Seligman
usdin 123
Died on 15 July 1930
usdin 124
Printza FALKOV, daughter of Zelik 1905- 1935
usdin 126
A modest woman Hena daughter of Henoch Translation by David Rosen
usdin 127
Here lies our dear mother, important and respected. Chana daughter of Yisroel REVIS (or RIBASH) Died 26 Cheshvan 5679 May her soul be bound up in the bond of everlasting life Translation by David Rosen
usdin 128
usdin 130
To dear Grandmother Khasa AIZIKOVICH, daughter of Izrail
usdin 131
Yon TSHERNOBROV, son of Rafail 1904- 1989
usdin 132
Beila BUL, daughter of Rakhmil 1912- 1966
usdin 133
Etel TSHERNOBROVA, daughter of Mikhel 1911- 1983
usdin 134
Lia AMITAN, daughter of Moshe 1884- 1968
usdin 135
Rufa GARBER, daughter of Lev 2 April 1946 - 1 August 2001 From siblings and family
usdin 136
Yakov REZNIKOV, son of Ilya Died in 1968 From wife and son
usdin 137
Roza SANDLER, daughter of Efim
usdin 139
Evel TZION, son of Lazar Died in 1970
usdin 140
Feiga LEVINA, daughter of Getzel 1905- 1971 Dear mother You are always with us
usdin 141
Mera ZLOTIN, daughter of Salomon 20 April 1895 - 5 October 1973
usdin 142
Riva EIDELSOHN, daughter of Khaim Died in 1981
usdin 143
Frada BRESLAV, daughter of Isai 21 November 1911 - 23 July 1980
usdin 144
The doctor Ester SPEKTOR, daughter of Moisey 19 September 1921 - 30 November 2003
usdin 149
Frada BRESLAV, daughter of Isai 21 November 1911 - 23 July 1980
usdin 152